You Now Have New "Themes" In :)


Hi BHF members,

Don’t know if you noticed this or not. has released some new material design templates (now called themes) for all of us (Blogspot users).

These include:

  • Contempo
  • Soho
  • Emporio
  • Notable

with different-different colors versions of them. :slight_smile: By the way, my favorite is Notable.

Which one is your’s?


That is indeed a great update I notice this month. The term “templates” is replaced with “themes” on entire UI. Looking forward for a more advanced update. I hope they will start giving more access to database in coming years. :smile:


just checked the designs. Honestly speaking they could create better designs than just some plain layouts!


@Mohammad, yes and with better fonts. And also, some elements are disturbed like the sticking bar’s title.

And, by studying these themes, I think we’ll be able to create more customised custom themes (like in those themes, the comments box is fully customizable even when it’s inside iframe).

Yes, hope, this will be available soon and also, plugins support which will then make Blogger no less than WordPress. :smile:


A plugin support and access to .htaccess are my requested features from blogger buddy :slight_smile:


The tricks on the Internet do not work for these new blogger templates.


Doesn’t matter how much improvement they are coming up with but the fact can’t be ignored. That is, you can’t own your blog and call you self the owner, but a manager. Anyways, I’m a Blogger user too :wink:


There are people who just wanna blog.

And then there are people like us, who wanna go deeper into blog and for them, there are other CMS(s). :wink:


great template i liked them!! but i need more theme if someone have t emplate link then please tell me :grinning: