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Hey! “Blogger Help Forum” users. :hand:

Here I want to know about your reviews on my Blog

My blog is on blogging topic. You can ask anything, I will answer your questions.

Go to my blog All Blog Things :grinning: and tell me about design, content and other factors too :heart_eyes:


The blog design is well furnished but some improvements were still be applied e.g.

  1. Try to add hover effect with color on floating top menu
  2. Try to reduce main images in homepage because your site has 76 in page speed insights
  3. Try to add social buttons (Facebook Like, Twitter Follow & G+ buttons) you’ve only add follow buttons so there is minimum probality that user come to that social page and hit like/follow/1+
  4. Change favicon button and add a unique picture that shows your brand (e.g. you can add ABT text on favicon image)
  5. Try to place 1 add above the fold because search engines hate that pages rich with ads (you’ve 2 in homepage and 3 in post pages that will harm your traffic)
  6. Change your post title hover color (#FF0080) because its not attractive nor user friendly
  7. Your related posts are looks like dirty & old so please replace and follow mbt related posts tutorial
  8. Try to reduce # of posts in homepage along with sidebar content because inside post pages the sidebar goes long but the content of that post reach end in the middle of scroll bar.
  9. Try to increase words in posts because its harder to get top positions in SERPs with less than 300 words
  10. Try to reduce the custom ad images (arvixe + hostgator) to reduce overall page speed.
  11. Increase posts becasue you’ve only 201 pages index which is a minimum value to get rich traffic

If you doesn’t agree with my suggestions than you should have better idea for managing and customizing your site. However, may be i’m wrong in any point of view but its my knowledge so I share it with you :wink:


umer brother i am reader as a reader i give you average rank for your blog because all similar post in your blog there is nothing i saw new as a brother i am saying write different from others try to do creative why am i saying this because i read all topic already on other website so if i dont find new topic so hope you understand


Thanks for your reply brothers :slight_smile:

I will do my best :smile:


I also want to know about my blog . it is a blog containing blogger widgets,tips and tech news, So Please Give Suggestions To Me


ngtchzone make new post than every one will review your blog


Dear @Mr_Raja

Check out our new design, and give us feedback :smile:

I appreciate your words :smile:


You have to analyze the blog according to the search engines, there are many websites which guide you what are common seo rules which are necessary.


Wow! Thanks for giving a nice review.

Will make changes according to your words. Thanks! :heart_eyes:


Can you tell me what is the problem with seo of my blog.

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