.xml sitemap fail.. links getting deindexed


delt all the other sitemaps from wmt and added .xml sitemap but day by day number of links indexed are getting decreased.! also new posts are not getting indexed…! :frowning: i followed the post from mybloggerticks about new update on sitemaps of blogger, what shall i do now… …!


@rajahamzaalitaj The first thing that I want to say to you was, You don’t need to do the thing that MyBloggerTricks described on the BlogPost until your Sitemap reaches 3000links. After 3000links on Blogger Sitemap, The Sitemap will automatically generate Sub-Sitemap links inside the primary Sitemap file. You can check it typically by accessing the sitemap file.

On the above Image that I uploaded. You can see two Sitemap URL inside the Primary URL. It will sometimes take to Index the links that inside the first and second Sitemap URL Address. So you don’t need to add the automated generated Sitemap before it’s getting generated.
Also remember that it will not make any problem. If you don’t add them to your Google Webmaster Tools. Google also have the option to retain the Sub-Sitemap inside the Primary Sitemap.