Wordpress Vs. Blogger: By which we can earn more from adsense?


Hey there,

I am now upon creating an new blogger blog/site. and to be true I don’t find Blogger Less than Wordpress in anyways except that url’s (I dont Care about URL,What I care about is Content).But before starting Blogger Blog a doubt came in my mind that do wordpress users earn more than blogger users from adsense??

Please Clear my Doubt Thankyoy Nafees Khan


I think, it really depends upon your hard work. You know, how adsense calculate earning? It actually depends upon the traffic your blog is getting. High traffic means high earning. It actually not depends upon the blog-publishing service you use. You can use whether Blogger or WordPress but I suggest you to use Blogger or if, you are so serious about your upcoming blog, then use WordPress.org (paid) with a nice custom domain and then, give your full time to promote your blog, writing good unique content and other ways.

I have suggested WordPress.org to you because of its features and plugins like Akismet and yoast. These plugins really make a blog post SEO friendly. And I know, WordPress is little bit difficult for a newbie but you know, Practice makes a make perfect!

You can take example of two bloggers, e.g., Mohammad and Ankit Singla. They both are using different blog-publishing services (Mohammad-Blogger, Ankit-WordPress) and they both are earning from their blog.

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Good Luck For Your New Blog!

-Shivansh Verma


Means, I can’t get serious about my upcoming blog with blogger?


No No. My means was WordPress.org provide some good plugin that can really help you in making your blog popular. You can go with Blogger or WordPress. I already said, It depends on your Hard Work.

I had used all these, Blogger, WordPress [free], WordPress [paid] and found WordPress.org best because of its features like Word Counter in Post Editor and I really liked the yoast plugin that provide you features like changing the post title for facebook, search engines, twitter and more… and I also liked feature that let you hide ads on a particular post.

Because of these features, I advised you to use WordPress [paid].

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@Shivansh bro I am not familiar with PHP

I want to ask you That Do you use Wordpress(paid)

and also Blogs Like MBT are so popular and they also use blogger So I think If I do hardwork (as u said) It will become Popular

And Now I have fully decided to go with blogger and as there are no plug ins like yoast for SEO improvement will you help me personally to Improve it?



As I told you, I have used all (Blogger, WordPress paid and free). But in present, I am using Blogger for my both blogs because it is free with many unlocked and useful features like template editing, robot.txt, auto sitemap and more… I am too not familiar with PHP. :confounded:

I think, its a good decision that you decided to go with blogger but please, don’t turn your blog off before it complete at least 7 months because a blogger blog starts its journey of collecting traffic after 6 month from the creation date and many times, @mohammad himself told that you should apply for adsense after 6 months of your blog’s creation date. And yeah! why not… I will try my best to help you in improving your blog… :smile: