WordPress Versus Blogger. Which is Better? Which one to Choose?


Hello Friends, I think this is the biggest question asked on internet. Here, on this forum, their are many expert and pro bloggers. Can you tell me which is best?

Some Pro Bloggers use Bloggers and Some other use WordPress. And I have seen that most of the successful and Pro bloggers use WordPress.

  • Ankit Singla - WordPress
  • Harsh Agrwal - WordPress
  • Mohammad - Blogger

So I got confused. Which is best? I want your answer for Newbies :smile:

I Found 1 Bug in BHF Their is a big large space bellow forum page.

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Hi @Shivansh, Please provide the screen shot of which white space you are talking about. Thanks.



Both have it’s own disadvantages and advantages. @Mohammad said he’s using both platform:




I perefer Blogger It’s easy to navigate . As a begginer I suggest you to use blogger, Blogger have some widgets available to keep you from touching code and also the template designer is very helpful.

Blogger has very simple interface. It’s easy to edit and publish posts and it has a ton of tools built it.


WordPress offers two different blogging platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The main difference between the two is that the WordPress.com sites are hosted on WordPress’ server while WordPress.org sites are hosted on an external server.

If you’re not interested in a ton of customization options, WordPress.com is the way to go. You won’t be able to add plugins, install custom themes or edit your HTML, but you will get a basic blogging platform that’s free and easy to use. If you ever want those options, it’s also very easy to switch over to WordPress.org. If we talk about wordpress.org you have many customization options like installing custom themes and adding plugins or editing the code.But wordpress.org is not free…

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Wordpress is better than Google blogger if and only if you choose good Hosting provider like Godaddy, Digital ocean…etc at max plan.

Google Blogger is better for the Newbies bcoz they feel like they don’t want to spend the max money from their pockets. I suggest u use Google blogger for newbies to know the ABC of Blogging and once u know al the tactics just shift the Blog from Blogger to Wordpress to earn the Max profits. Bcoz Wordpress consists of many customization tools.


I think that Blogger is good for the newbies. First try some coding on Blogger. And when you will understand it and your blog become famous then you can give Wordpress a try if you want. But its not free also. The free version has very low features. So Blogger is the best platform for the Newbies.


i prefer blogger because it is easy to understand i used both but finally decided blogspot is the right platform and new user understand easily


I recommend WordPress after one or two years of using blogger , because it can be customized in anyway you want and there are a lot of free and paid plugins to help you do it without any hassle but it can only be done in a self hosted WordPress (wordpress.org) and you need to buy a hosting for it so you will have to invest on it first to start out or there are free WordPress hosting services like Myspan (http://myspan.in/index.html) or WPnode (http://wpnode.net/)


Thanks All for Giving Your Reviews. My Vote is for WordPress. :smile:


Hi Shivansh, This is one of the most debated topics of Blogosphere. I feel both - WordPress and Blogger are best at their own grounds.

It is ultimately upon the user to choose the one which would work best for him.

Here is a comparison chart for WordPress VS Blogger: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2009/12/wordpress-or-blogger-which-one-is-best.html

I hope this helps.

~ Rohan.


Thanks all for replying to my questions. :smile:.


In my case, I like blogger platform most. I know wordpress is a platform, where every pro-blogger make their blog. However there are some reasons I want share to like blogger than wordpress

  1. Easy to use without any knowledge of coding
  2. No need to pay hosting bill one time domain purchase that’s all
  3. I’m not good at seo. So blogger are may be easy for seo. On the other hand wordpress are difficult. like seo by yoast :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I have no money to buy a premium theme
  5. I’ve no payment method to pay the hosting bill

That’s the reasons I like blogger most !! As a newbie Blogger are perfect for me


So dear which template are you using for blogging kindly let you konw.


thanks, for reply dear i am using Labnol.org template which is download from internet


I think Blogger has its own place and WordPress its own , we can’t truly judge who is on the top of the list . but I’ll simply say WordPress have lots of plugin to handle different problem but it has a security issue to, WordPress site got easily hacked if you didn’t install some paid security plugins, WordPress hacking is pretty common.

Blogger is installed in the Cloud so hacking a Blogger CMS is very challenging, in simple words hacking a blogger means hacking google.com.


My vote is for Blogger as I’ve found everything which i need to run my blog. Attractive themes, widgets, tools everything. Editing is very easy on Blogspot. Above all, BlogSpog is Google property so you can expect from Google to rank high and gives you a favor. www.marketinginfo.org is on Blogger. One more thing, Blogger is more secure than WordPress.