Wordpress.com Hosting is Temporarily blocked by PTA


assalam o alaikum wordpress hosting is blocked by PTA i saw this article on many website so i am going to share with you Wordpress dot com has been temporarily blocked in Pakistan. … WordPress.com, a blog hosting platform that hosts millions of blogs you will not create like xxxxx.wordpress dot com

note this is only for pakistan so i hope you will like this news

may be expert can tell better about this news it is fake or real

thank you


Yes this news is correct and I have seen a massive traffic drop in self hosted wordpress blogs also. Same is the case with smartearningmethods.com and richincomeways.com

The blockade is Temporarily and still unclear on why such a ban was forced. Govt claims that the site posed some serious security concerns and it is not willing to disclose it yet. Hopefully it will be lifted up quite soon.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/22/wordpress-blocked-in-pakistan/


Yes @Tariq_aziz, The ban is real and they would lift it anytime if some trusted sources like techcrunch is to be believed.

Pak government has also in the past banned many other things like channels, sites and celebs. So ban on WordPress.com wasn’t really shocking. :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you every one i just want to inform all members