Wordpress catches my blog as a spammer!



When I comment any wordpress blog, I am writing my blog adress and My comment goes to spam box directly.I commented a lot of wordpress blog and I noticed that all of them are not publishing.I ask the blog owners and they said that it is in junk folder. Actually my blog is not spammer.How can I fix this issue?


Hello @Poyraz…sorry, but this is not a ‘WordPress’ forum. You can go to any other WordPress forum and ask the question their.

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To be honest, Don’t comment too much, instead focus on content. Building back links via comments is 90% dead. It is only use to drive traffic. Google does not crawl that link, Google does not pass the pagerank, and Also they does not pass the anchor text, then how it is beneficial?..there is lot of wrong myths about backlinks to rank higher.

Stop commenting to say thanks, good share bla bla…interact with publisher, and share your thoughts and query to him/her. Now, wait for few days, may be akisme plugin unblock you. Or publish some good comments, and ask owner to publish them.


thanks for your suggestion.I think the problem is related to Akismet.I contact to them and not it seems OK. @Shivansh : Yes ı know here is not a wordpress forum but my blog is blogger and actually my quesiton was about wordpress and blogger generally.Anyway finally I fixed the problem.Thanks =)