Wordcount for fashion related site


Check this link

look at this article.

one paragraph, and lot of pictures.

my site is Fashion Ki Batain, where i and my friends blog on Fashion related stuff at

currently i go for 500+ words per article.

so would it be fine if i go like this? 100 to 200 words and lot of pictures? because i read some where we can not post any thing below 200 words is it true? and since in fashion people are mostly interested in more pictures and not texts

so what would u say???


No! word count doesn’t matter! see the answer sites they have only 2-4 lines still they rank first. the point is the content keywords and desc @denharsh mentioned somewhere that it does affect SEO if less words.


No. You should never post less than 200 words in anu post. They can be called low quality post.

The reason why they rank is peoples love. But according to the eyes of bots, they are low quality pages. :frowning:


but why to care? If our site is on the top?we get organic traffic we get enough money = settled


I also saw some sites like they give top lists they also rank good and their posts are not even 100 words


Lol :slight_smile: well first of said me, How many words you have seen in Google homepage :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro, you are right but in certain condition, not in all condition. Such a photo album sites just say imgur does not have so much text, but it is not mean, it is low quality site, and Google Panda gives them penalty.

And if you think 2000-3000 words ranked higher on google, then it is also wrong, I know may be you have seen in kissmetric report. but no one liked to read such a large article, if it is not interesting. Write content for users not for a search engine. And may be they are wrong because I have seen many of short articles on support.google.com, and they ranked very well, just because their reputation aka PageRank.

@Nafees . Feel free to use your short words. You will not get any penalty from Google. Just make sure your images that you own or have creative common licence to use :slight_smile: