Won School Enterprise Mini Blog Competition


Hello everyone.

Here’s something that I thought of sharing with my blogger family here on this forum.

Friends I just won School Enterprise Mini Blog Competition, powered by “Teach Man To Fish” organisation. I got $2000 as the prize. The compitition was about creating a blog to enhance your enterprise. I made a blog VVSTROCKS- about my School’s T-Shirt selling enterprise.

Please share if you know about any other blogging competitions. So that bloggers can participate in that compitition and get experience and also a chance to win it!


Many congratulations Naman. I am sure you are going to get more success coming your way. I am so happy to read that you consider us as family and you preferred sharing your happiness with us. I think Mustafa can now see his dream coming true… Way to go! :smiley:

Wishing you more success and more power to you!

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Thank you very much @Rohan for your kind words. Long Live Blogger Help Forum.


@NamanKumar You are one of the talented person , That why you got the price . Try to join on another computations and win prices . In my state , Schools where only concentrate on ARTS and SPORTS they never appreciate the students who are interested in Technical Talents . So you are too lucky with your school . Anyway i am again congratulating you . :memo:


Thank you very much @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC. Yeah, my school really helps its students in providing opportunities to show their talen. Last year I participated in Global Virtual Classroom Compitition, in which I had to make a website using google sites. I choosed the topic “Cyber Crime” and made one. The compitition closed last week only. Now I’m waiting for the results. Hoping the best! :smile:


@NamanKumar Do your best in everything . I am dam sure , You will win on that competition also , Try to research new things in blogging and other programming languages . It will help you to earn more respect than now .


Congratulations Naman fro your success. As Muhsin said, You are too luck that you have this type of school. My school is boring and in my whole school, anyone don’t know the meaning of ‘Blogging’. But I want to be the first successful blogger of my city. :smile: Again. Congratulations!


Nothing can stop you from being a successful blogger. Thank you for the kind words. God Bless You! You’ll surely have a very successful blog one day. You just have to work hard for it, as you are doing. Keep the spirit! :smile:


thanks Naman for your kind words. :blush:


Hi @NamanKumar, Congratulations to win $2000, keep celebrating and enjoying success.

keep up that level of effort and have a Great Successful Career. :thumbsup:


Thanks @Sandhya for congratulating me.

Happy Blogging!


may Allah Give you more success and i m really happy to read your achievement best of luck for more


Thank you @Tariq_aziz for your kind words. God Bless You!


Hi there ,

Congratulations ! It’s great to see people around paving success and making money with the idea of blogs and blogging :smile: I kinda feel jealous because you guys are lucky to have a school supporting these kinds of activities and having supportive environment around :stuck_out_tongue: Duh ! I wonder when I would get into such an environment.

It’s indeed a great achievement. Keep up the good work !