Won gvc 14-15 website developing contest


Hello everyone. This is the second time I’m sharing something with my blogger family here.

Previously i shared about the school enterprice blog contest in which i grabbed a 2000$ prize.

Today i wanna share a second good news about the global virtual classroom website developing contest. It was an international competition with more than 600 teams participating and i won third prize in the competition.

In this competition one had to build a website using Google sites platform. I build one on the topic “Think before you click” .

I’m really happy. So i thought of sharing this news with you all.

Happy blogging!


Congrats @NamanKumar You Are Just Becoming A Pro Blogger Day By Day :thumbsup: . And Keep Doing Hard Work :smile:


Thank you @ngtechzone. Keep supporting and helping.


Wow, this is really amazing, Hearty Congratulations Mr. NamanKumar.

Can you share Google site which you build. let us know your talent as well.


Me Too To See Talent Of This Boy :smiley:


Thank you mam. Yeah the following is the link to the website. I would like to tell that the website will not appear very attractive as it is on Google sites platform not on blogger, which don’t have much features.

Still the url is


Wow @NamanKumar, Its really good.

With limited resources you made grate design. Keep up and Keep going.

All the best for your bright feature.


Thank you again mam. Hope you’ll find the solution for your adsense problem on your website, fast.

Happy blogging!


Nice Work Done @NamanKumar Bro Keep It Up!! :smile:


Please call me Sandya, :wink: not required to mention me mam :laughing: :


congratulation @NamanKumar! what language did you used to built it?


Bundles of congratulations Naman for your winning! and i liked the words ‘my blogger family here’. :smile:

And the site you made is looking nice and professional. :+1:

@Chelyz_Marx He used HTML and CSS to made that site. :smile:


Thanks @Chelyz_Marx for your kind words. @Shivansh already told you that i used html and css and that too i didn’t use much. As Google site is a very basic platform. You can add content to it just like add you write documents in ms words but yeah it have more layout functionalities. And yes to customize the website i used html and css plus little of js


Thank you @Shivansh. Keep on touch. Congratulations for being a ninja.

Happy blogging!


Congratulations @NamanKumar for the great prize. Was it sponsored by Google or some local organisation because the prize sounds great! :trophy:

Well done for it and keep working hard and keep participating in all extra curricular activities. And be active on forum too :smile:


Very Very Congrats!

Very happy to see you prosper and getting victory in some projects and competitions like this!

Proud of you,Well done.

The whole blogger community is proud :thumbsup:


Thank you sir. The contest was organized by international NGO - Give Something Back.

Actually the reason behind my less participation in the forum is that, my PC is not working. That’s why i an unable to help bloggers here. I only log in to this forum in zero period in my school or sometimes from phone.

Moreover these days I’m having a very tight schedule. As I’m in 12th standard and in non-med stream, i have to focus a lot in my studies. And on weekends I have coaching.

But I’ll be active again on this forum when my PC will be repaired.

Once again thank you.

Happy blogging!


Thank you @Nafees for your kind words. Keep supporting.


I get it now buddy. Thank you for informing and do fix your PC soon :wink:

Do focus on your studies and give it preference always


Wow great man. Congratulations! Keep working hard.