WINDOWS LIVE WRITER Giving NotFound error for BlogSpot blogs?


You may have noticed it, Since yesterday Live writer is giving an error for blogger users.

After some research, I have found this happened due to an update in API in google. But we cannot blame google. It was Microsoft which has to update Live writer ( updated in 2012).

Scott Hanselman from Microsoft, tweeted that there will be future for live writer only if that tweet gets 20K retweets.

This hurted me and may be many of other live writer lovers. So please retweet this if dont want live writer to be dead -


Thank you for the update @Susheel_karam I faced a similar error today

I am sure they wont dumb such an excellent tool. It just requires a minor fix and I am sure they will upgrade it now, Microsoft will be slow but they will surely update WLW.


Dude recheck the tweet was posted on 12 Jun 2014 so there is no use retweeting. :smile:

I just hope they will fix it soon. Else Blogger Editor is all hope then

I have started communicating with the developer directly here. followup:


@Mohammad Thank you for the information. Hope they’ll fix it soon. I cant survive without it even a minute.


Same here and everywhere :smile: WLW is the best editing TOOL for bloggers


@Mohammad Can you suggest a best alternative, you are using?


I have never used it. I guess, because of some update in Google API the Disqus commenting system too stopped importing blogger comments into Disqus. :frowning:


@Rohan How do compose your posts? Which software do you use


I use Blogger editor. Is it not appropriate?


@Rohan Blogger editor looks somewhat boring.So we lose some productivity. what do you think?


Agreed. Does Windows live writer has some extraordinary features to offer? :slight_smile:


@Rohan Yeah! Windows live writer, is simple yet the best one. You can download you blog theme and preview how it looks on your blog, Edit post offline and it saves automatically. Alternatively you can post draft to your blog.

The remarkable feature is, after download your blog theme, the editor [paaragraphs, headings] switches to that fonts and styles used on your blog. So it looks attaractive and increases productive.


Wow amazing! Thanks for the reply Susheel. I must try it. Let me know once this error is fixed. :slight_smile:


Yes. I like that feature too much. But it could be better. Some features should be added in WLW like we cannot add the description of the post in Windows Live Writer. :frowning: I have to edit them manually.


@rohan Sure. I am eagerly waiting for it. I just cant work without it


@Shivansh So, as WLW is not working which one are you considering to use?


I am continuously using it. I just write my posts in it, then I copy all the HTML code and then paste it to Blogger Editor’s HTML Mode and then, I replace the picture URLs after uploading them. Yeah! Its long work but I can’t write on Blogger Editor. Its so boring!


Yeah! same with me too. Even its long process, its better than that boring blogger editor. I lose my interest to write with that. Dont you?


Yes. I too. Some days ago, I was not using Windows Live Writer and now, I am an addict of it. :grin:.


Me too, another victim of Blogger/WLW disassociation.

Any substitute program for Windows Live Writer?