Windows Live Writer does not link to Blogger/Blogspot - Again


Windows Live Writer no longer links with Blogger. The problem just started this evening. Have been using this combo for years. Enabled and disabled 2-step 16-digit verification code on Google. Switched to Admin mode in Windows Live Writer. Get message: “User name or password incorrect” or “not found not found”.

I checked the “solutions” in May but none work this time around.

Has this been fixed yet?

Any suggestions to get WLW to link with Blogger once again.

I had this problem 6 months ago and got it fixed. Worked fine till tonight.


Windows Live Writer will no longer work with blogspot blogs unfortunately due to Blogger’s adoption of the modern OAuth2 authentication system.

WLW is now an open source project and is replaced with a new name “Open Live Writer” which is much more advanced and will be frequently updated. Read this post:

:link: Windows Live Writer Stops Support For Blogger Permanently!