Will Google Translate Widget Help In Getting More Traffic To My Blog?


Hello my friends …
Suggestion Need For :

  • Is there is any chance in Increasing Search Traffic by adding Google Language Translator Widget on our Blogspot blog or Website .
  • Why Google Translate need to add a Meta Tag on the header of my blog ?

Anyone tell me more about this clearly … I hope most of you are where researched about this topic …


I don’t think that there is a chance in increasing blog traffic by adding Google Translate widget because 90% of internet users know english. They can’t speak but they can understand what is written there in english. I think Google Translate widget will not brought you any traffic.


i dont know about this but as a reader if i dont know english i will definatly use google translator



A Website/Blog in English does well globally. And having a translate option might help visitors who are non-native English speakers.

Here is what I did -

I had that Translate widget installed on my blog but later I removed it because when I checked my Google Analytics, I was getting maximum traffic from countries like US, India, Canada, etc. where English is a popular language.

So if you are getting traffic from countries where English is not so popular in terms of education and local usage then you will benefit from installing the translation widget. It hardly takes up any space in your sidebar.

Just my two cents.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Hey @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC I agree with Rohan. A translate widget will not increase your traffic but if you are getting traffic from countries where english is not so popular , then I think you should add a Translate widget.



That was a good answer for me my friend @Rohan … I am getting most of my traffic from US , India , Bangladesh , Etc …
I asked this question because of the following reason …
Google is now getting more priority for Multiple Language Websites . Example : If a website contain Hind Language and when any one search from India , He will get more priority than the other website in Search Engine’s like that .