Will Changing Meta description and keywords effect my blog's Rank?


thank you for allowing me to join. This is my first topic. I have long been using a keyword and description may not be associated with my blog.

I plan to change the meta description of my blog and also the meta keywords, but it means that all the search results will change as well? I am afraid, my site disappear in the search. is there any special tips I can do after the change?


First of all I would like to appreciate you for the question. Actually your website’s search rank or presence don’t only depends on your meta tags (Keywords). It depends on many things whether your blog will appear in the search result or not, like your blog’s links on other sites (Backlinks).


Hello fadlybilupinh, welcome to Blogger Help Forum

First Thing I want to say is, Your blog won’t disappear on any search engines. When you change your description and keywords, Some Search engines like Google, will continue displaying your old description in search result. It may takes 2-3 days to index your new description to Google. You can change the description anytime you want.

Hope It Help You! :smile:


thanks @NamanKumar and @Shivansh

but I still have a great fear of change. because I think, description and keywords in SEO effect so that when turned, great things can happen

I think, I will send sitemap back to several search engines or leave like that?


@fadlybiluping meta description and meta keywords are just two ways to tell search engines what your blog is all about. Search robots are extremely fast today and they detect minute to minute changes that you make to your blog. At MBT we often change the description of Blog after each 4 months to test how it is playing in SERPs so it is perfectly alright if you edit your description and replace it with one that better explains your site content.

Meta Keywords are dead now and rarely do search engines care about it, not at least Google which simply ignores it because they judge the site keywords from the content itself so you don’t need to tell the robot what your blog main keywords are because the robots will pick it itself from your menu or categories or the content itself.

You don’t need to resubmit the sitemap because Google auto detects the changes on each crawl

Your site will never disappear because of this slight change unless you add the noindex and nofollow meta tag for robots :smile:


@Mohammad thank you, this explanation was a great relief to me, especially when you say that MBT replace every 4 months :smile: