Widget title's CSS not working in my template


When I uploading the new template, it was working fine. But now, widget title is not working. There was a yellow band style on my sidebar widget title. It’s not working now when I added affiliates on my blog.

This is the actual demo of my template : http://blogghiamo-pbt.blogspot.com/

But see how my blog look like : http://idroidhorizon.blogspot.com/

Please help @Nafees @vector @Rohan


I don’t know what’s happening on your side but its working on my browser. You can look at it:

And sorry because you had wanted answer from Nafees, Vector and Rohan but I answered you. :frowning:


Actually I forgot your Name. Bro you are great. I just mentioned those name that are present in my mind in the time of writing this post :smiley: Thanks a lot for responding me :smile:

BTW, Sometime its working in my browser too. But sometime doesn’t ! Next time when it will not work, I will keep snap. Then I will show you! :smiley:


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Which OS you are using @Shivansh


Okay @saeedashifahmed. Next time, when it will show, then show me snap!

And one more thing. I request you to not put that @s as I want help from @saeedashifahmed because if any other member have your problem’s solution, then he will not reply you because of hesitation.

I am using Windows 8 Client with Chrome’s Windows 8 Mode Enabled. :smile: