Whyblog frequently disapproved when applied for adsense?


I started my blog in Sep 2015. I have applied for Adsense. Why blog application rejected frequently? Any one can help me. I have published 62 posts with at least 300 words per post. I will receive 1500 visits per month. According to the instructions of adsense policies i have modified menu tabs of the blog.


I have the same problem as mentioned by sureshbabu, but it seems like only Sundar Pichai can answer this question and not anyone else :joy:


@sureshbabu @pulkit191

Read this and check out that you have fulfilled adsense criteria - [quote=“Mohammad, post:10, topic:224, full:true”] This is how I would precisely answer this question

Minimum Requirements to get accepted by Adsense

Having minimum ________ 400 words in each post. (Not mandatory) Having minimum ________ 400 readers/followers. (Not mandatory) Having atleast ________ 700 daily page views. (mandatory)

But you forget the most important question!

Must Have a great user interface! Nothing impresses Google employees more than a well setup website structure with good navigation system and professional layout. Focus on design as much as you can and try to remove all those fancy widgets and scripts that give an ugly touch to the site UI.

If you have the three of these mandatory requirements then consider yourself qualified

A Minimum of 700 pageviews, not counting unique visitors here A Professional looking blog design with fast load time Quality content. You must not share illegal content and must follow the basic SEO guidlines

For newly setup blogs, I always recommend them to wait for at least 6 months and during that time focus on quality content and customize your blog as much as possible. Once you are ready with all the three mentioned requirements then you are ready to Go not just with AdSsense but also with Banner Ad networks like Buysellads [/quote]


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