Why Visitors cannot Click on Adsense?


Hi, I want to Know why my Blog Visitors cannot Click on Adsense. I get Many Less Clicks. Can anyone Help Me Where I Put Adsense Ads for High CPC & Clicks. Is My Adsense Placement & Ad Frequency is Correct or Not. My Blog Traffic is High around 14k Visitors & 33k Pageviews. I am Using Recommended Ad Size (2) 336x280, 160x600 & 728x90. My Blog Name is Android Mesh. Total 4 Ads on My Blog Can Anyone Help Me.


Make sure you insert your Adsense Ads within blog post content to boost Clicks.


I have given a detailed answer to a previous forum member who was experiencing same Adsense problems related to low CPC and CTR. I would really appreciate that you read my answer below:


But Mohammad i am Using 4 Ad Units on my Blog. Is this Correct or Not. You See My Blog. Is Adsense Placement Correct or Not. http://androidmesh.blogspot.com


You have added 3 Ad units and 1 link unit which is as per AdSense policies. You can add 2 more link units if you want. Your ads are also placed on recommended locations and using correct sizes. Clarify one thing:

You mean monthly or daily? If this is your monthly stats then of course the clicks on your site will be around 20-40. what is your current daily clicks count?


@Karan_Singh_Chauhan I already Submitted the XML Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tool. And How to Check My Blog is Penalized by Google.


@Mohammad My Daily Adsense Click is Around 100 to 135. But CPC is $0.05


How come if you have 100 click and CPC is $0.05,

Use some Top #1 Keyword under the post to attract High CPC


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This is My Daily Traffic and Daily Adsense Clicks 100 above. But CPC $0.05


Hi Amit, I hope the PM I sent clarified some of your doubts. The CPC is also country dependant. Clicks from visitors from USA, UK and Canada have a higher CPC than visitors from Indo-Pak. SO depends what is your major source of traffic.

One Advice: I observed less content on your posts, most posts are less than 300 in word limit. Kindly write each post with at least 450 words. Greater word weight and keyword density along with Latent semantic keywords, really effects Ad revenu and of course the CPC.


Any Suggestions or Tricks to attract specific Visitors like USA, UK and Canada have a higher CPC.

Keywords and content relevant is already known, Please show up some tricks.


I think, if you publish your posts in night (1:A.M.) so its a chance to get more clicks from foreign.


Hi @Shivansh,

I don’t agree with your trick, there is no difference when you published a post.


@chinnilax at night time, mainly in between 3-5 am, the main time to target US based visitors through social media. It is my self experience.


In that case use Schedule Post option in Facebook, so it will post when you want. Some apps online available to use Specify the date and time for each post or use automatic scheduling feature.

In Wordpress there is post publish option.


If he publishes the post at 1 AM doesn’t mean it will get indexed by Google immediately and start receiving traffic. Posting at 1 AM will make no difference. However promoting post on Social Media at 1 AM will definitely help as it will ensure that US visitors see the post. :+1:


I am having the same problem! I have 1000+ daily traffic. But still not getting any money with my site. Can anyone help me ?