Why Sitemap.xml File does not include all Links for Large Blogs with 10,000 Posts?


Hi All, I’m running a web site from 2012 and having approx 10,000+ blog posts.

As recently done sitemap implementation by blogger team, they added few of i mean first 2500 post urls in sitemap.xml by default
Blogger Team must focus on users who having more than 2500 posts, you can see your blogger site map using yourblogURL.com/sitemap.xml which contains


I did’t see more than that in any other blogger sitemaps

and each page Contains 500 posts and all together 2500 post urls may index when you update yourblogURL.com/sitemap.xml in webmaster tool

In this case for time being i Have done a tricky work which can be submit manually for remaining posts

Try as Following

For First 2500 posts: Just Submit yourblogURL.com/sitemap.xml and its enough
for more posts Just keep on add


and allow 1 or 2 days to webmaster tool to update all links

You are Done !!!

Like it, then just Rock :loudspeaker:

How to Create and Host sitemap.xml file in Blogger?

Thank you @chinnilax for making it so simple. I am sure bloggers who were facing the same problem would now manually submit sub-sitemaps to google webmaster tools.

The reason why Blogger is not containing all URLs in the sitemap parent file is still unknown. I hope the team may read your post and make the quick changes to current settings on their side :wink:


This solution for all above 2500+ post blogs (not only for 10,000+ posts as I mentioned in title)