Why my Trust Level is not incrementing?


Hey friends, I’m having trust level 2. I wanted to ask you that why my trust level is not upgrading to TL3. I have qualified all the necessary requirements for being a Ninja, that are:

Following are my stats:

,You can verify complete data in User Directory

  • You can see on my profile, I joined this forum on Mar 1. I have visited all 32 days, so my visit percent is 100% (50% required)
  • I have replied to 74 Topics (70 required)
  • Received 35 Likes, Given 57 Likes

@Mohammad please review my contribution on the forum.


No Naman. You need to visit 50% days from the date when this forum came into net. Which is Jan 16.


I don’t think so, as if anyone joins this forum after 2 years, then he will never can be a Ninja. It will be next to impossible.


No No. You must visited 50% days in last 100 days.


Okay so it means I have to contribute 18 days more to this forum, to earn TL3. This will increase my passion of helping others here on this forum.


Hi Naman,

Here is what I feel:

I guess there are various parameters on which members are observed which are described by Mustafa sir. Actually I didn’t even realized when I crossed all the requirements and I was suddenly informed about the badge. Just keep on indulging in helpful conversations and always post something to add value in an existing discussion. Probably, That is what they are looking for. You will just naturally unlock trust levels just by doing that. :slight_smile:

Trust levels must not really affect us as we all are here for one sole purpose of being helpful to each other in whichever way we can. Even if someone unlocks TL3 they can be demoted back to TL2 if they don’t continue to be a valued member.

Also, The member must have not received 3 spam or offensive flags by unique users and on unique posts which will be confirmed by the moderator.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Yes @Rohan I also think that its our duty to help others on this forum without seeking our own profit or facilitating our own interests. Don’t worry I’ll surely not post any unnecessary content on the forum, just to increace my numerical stats. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :smile:


assalam o alaikum brother why you want to increase your trust level? i dont know why people want something if they do something i never think about trust level or others and do your work with honesty if you want something so you have to do work with your heart and soul

this is your own website or forum we all are here like family and friends i suggest you that dont think about trust level just do your work with honesty

anyone can break trust easily but it is hard to build and it is very hard to maintain your trust and brother dont mind just what do i have in my mind i share with you now it is up to you


Awh! @Tariq_aziz Tariq, You again came up with an inspiring note. I loved what you said. Trust levels shouldn’t bother us. We all should concentrate on establishing deep connections with other and make this place friendlier.

Everything will happen just naturally. I have been part of tons of online forums and what I have learned is to be a valued member just by following the guidelines; helping and learning and you will be recognized just naturally!


hehehe… Interesting post… @NamanKumar

This is time and activity based, unlike the previous levels. In the last 100 days…

  1. must have visited at least 50% of days
  2. must have replied to at least 70 different topics
  3. of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25%
  4. of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25%
  5. Must have read a minimum of 1000 posts at all time
  6. Must have viewed 300 Topics at all time
  7. must have received 30 likes, and given 40 likes.*
  8. must not have received more than 3 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator) must not have been suspended


Think about this statement as mature user…

in the last 100 days, must have read 25%

100 days and read 25%…!!!, you must have read and viewed 25% topics in the last hundred days. As per your statement you have joined this forum on 1 march 2015. So till now you have spend only 30 days, its mean you are not qualify for ninja level yet. but i hope you will be ninja after 100 days, if you are active user in the next 70 then other may be you need to spend more for ninja level.

I hope it will help.



yea these types of forum teach us a lot of thing that can increase our knowledge i did not read your message at that time but now i have read your reply it was very good


Hi there, I didn’t get your point.

Quoting you:

I think I didn’t complete 100 days still I got that Ninja badge. When in general English we say “In the last hundred days” it means topics from the last 100 days and not that the member must be on the forum for 100 days.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Thanks for reminder, now hows my reply?..!! :blush:


A friendly correction in your statement,

instead of:

it should be:

You must have viewed and read 25% of the topics which were posted in the past hundred days.


You must have viewed or read 25% from the past hundred days.

The preposition “in” and “from” do make a difference.

Lol… I feel like we suddenly started discussing grammar and vocabulary here. :stuck_out_tongue:



I am not graduate from british council, unfortunately my education is not enough for writing english as graduate student. So i am so sorry if you feel any trouble…

thanks for consultancy :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem Ishtiaq,

That really doesn’t matters. I am sure you are more brighter in other things and we can be of mutual benefit for each other. I am learning CSS and scripts from you guys and you can read my tiny posts here to get some good reading.

I was not troubled at all. The pleasure is mine to share and interact with you. And tho I do not reply to extreme coding topics on this forum but I do observe and read all your comments and learn from them. And that is where forums can be useful for all of us.

Not everyone can be a master in everything. We are all… same. :innocent:

Nice to meet you. Do keep in touch. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan Chaubey.


i also only read hahahahha every comment and post just to get more knowledge and improve my writing skill you have already post my line that i always do and ninja dont cut my neck with your sword :stuck_out_tongue: like ninja does just kidding


The forum system and the requirements for trust levels are automatically updated every week. The system analysis user performance based on a fixed formula rather than a specific scaled criteria as you interpreted by comparing your performance with stats shared on user directory. The negative flags effect your overall performance effectively, no matter if you have fulfilled all the requirements for Ninja.

I checked your Progress report and it says you have visited the forum 35 days out of 100 which means 35% and not 100% since the forum was launched just a month ago.

Despite what the stats say, do take extra care of the number of community flags you receive because that decides how quickly can you be promoted to TL3 and how quickly demoted back to TL2 or even lower.

I really liked what @Tariq_aziz and @Rohan said, this place is surely not about ranks but participation and that is what matters more. This forum is a welfare project and STCnetwork is responsible for taking care of its maintenance only but can in no way benefit from it through Advertisements or paid reviews. Google is indexing this forum well and the number of pageviews on this forum can help us generate hundreds of dollars over a month period but that was never our ambition or goal. Neither do we asked for any donations when our Email delivery crossed our payment threshold, because we will invest in it as much as we can to help bloggers like you. We could have launched a new gallery site and started distributing paid and free templates but we did not and we have not since 5 years because we are not here to earn but our moto is to share everything for free that we come across as a Gift.

Many of my great friends from india and UK have stopped blogging and we are honestly not sure how long can we serve the community and play our role but before we get physically week and old, we will live every second to teach what we have learnt a second ago and continue preaching ethical blogging across the web.

This is the sole reason why we have kept the criteria for TL3 hard so that only the best and most loyal members may get to the top and represent the community. You surely deserve it but you need to earn it by showing your participation and I strongly believe you will.


Mohammad Bro. But why I didn’t got the ninja badge? Because I have passed all requirements

And about visiting, the forum is opened 81 days and i have visited 44 days which is more that 50%. I only got 1 negative flag. So why?

and I liked the round design of images. :smile:


Hi @Shivansh, How do you come to know how many of your Posts/Topics got flagged?