Why my template is not saving in <data:post.body/> section


friends i am try to customise my template in <data:post.body/> i am add some codes after it and press save button and my template is not saving while i am trying to save it 16 times when i am click back button it shows your template is not saved i am not make any foult my internet speed is 3g when i am customise other things like change <b:if/> then my template is saved only not saving in <data:post.body/> section please help me sir @Shivansh @Mohammad @Nafees and any other.


You are adding a code in your template which have some errors. Re-check it and then try again. It will get saved 100%. :smile:


man no error i am add working code of add this website share widget.


this website? Which website…? I think you should edit the reply. By the way, I am going for some work. Someone will help you like @Nafees. :smile:


addthis website my mean


@Shivansh friend i need only your one answer man i add after <data:post.body/> share widget please go my any post and see my sharing widget is show or not because sometimes it shows and sometimes not i need your answer share widget is look like this please reply sir i need your answer and any advice.

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But how can I view it? You have not given your blog’s URL. :frowning: By the way, its a off topic question and your can ask it using PM.


sorry my blog url is http://helptoeasynet.blogspot.in and also give your advice and my answer plase and thank you.


Sorry @kingmuku, I can’t see them. :frowning:


man then i am doest understand what its mean sometimes it show and some time not @Shivansh