Why my site is getting 404 Error


Hello Everyone,

My website is http://www.blogolect.com I have received several requests from my visitors on fb that they’re getting 404 error on visiting my site. Today again a visitor said that he’s getting 404 error on visiting my site.

So guys please suggest me what should I do now.

This is not the first time I received this error.



your website is working i open it may be expert can say about this


I can’t see any type of 404 Page Errors in your site …


@Tariq_aziz and @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC It doesn’t happens everytime.


@zohaibliaqat Ho then it is because of the Domain Registrar Problem . I cause the same problem 9 months back . When i checked my site it showing 404 Page error . After i contacted with the Domain Registrar they told me that “They are refreshing something related to the Domains” I hope that same problem happens to you .


Okay @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC I have contacted my domain registrar and waiting for their reply. @Mohammad Bro what you think about this.



zohaib why dont you fix 404 error as a home page see this create custom 404 error see here solution

see this one also may be anyone can give the best way


@Tariq_aziz it is not because of that , All of his page’s where getting to 404 Page errors some times . It will not solve by those methods


so he should for muhammad and others who can solve his problem very well