Why my blogg blocked while using it in mobile browser?


I always when i surf my blogg in mobile it take few minutes then its blocked and stooped working till i close browser and re-open it , i tried that with many other device and still the same probleme and also in pc when i get in my dashbord in Template edite browser also Blocked !! and when i check it in Seocheckup its give me 58% i know problem in Template but please i loved that template and i want it , just want to repare it please Help me guys , here my blogger link : www.bestvetdr.tk


i think the problum in with your thime meke sure thime is not eny error



Yes i know , but please tell me how to fix this problem :frowning: no one help !!


Have you fix your blog address because when I use www version I can see yours but when I not using www I found error


And do u know how to fix that !!! brother :frowning: no one help here


Go to your dashboard blog. In basic setting, Under “Publishing,”, under “Blog Address,” check Redirect [mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com]. That’s all I know. Good luck


i already checked it but still dont work :frowning: i m really get bored of thatt


From below url


I can see the the problem is your css

I hope this will help you somehow.