Why my Blog Traffic isn't Increasing?


Hey Everyone, My website is http://www.blogolect.com I have been working on it since 1 Year and 6 Months but its traffic didn’t exceeded from 1500 Pageviews and now its gradually decreasing(~1000) What could be its reason can you guys suggest me what should I do to increase its traffic.

Review its template too for SEO and tags. Thanks


What is the language of your headings…I can’t read them.


What! You can’t read them. Heading are in English bro.


Hi @shahzad478, At my end it appears to be written in English. Check if you are using any page translators. :slight_smile: @zohaibliaqat Let me check your blog, will come up with an answer soon.


Okay Rohan. I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks


Hi @zohaibliaqat, I am back with an answer. I have spent a lot of time reading your posts and checking out things and here is what I feel.

When it comes to traffic, there are lots of aspects influencing your traffic. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Social Media: Good to know that your site is fully connected to social media. I hope you are promoting and sharing your posts there? You are using Google+ and facebook pretty well but also share your posts on social bookmarking sites.

2. Optimizing Images (SEO for images): Zohaib, you can’t just dump images on your blog; you need to optimize them for better rankings. Make sure you add alt tags describing images you use on your blog. Preferably use PNG image format.

  1. A small tip, put your subscription widget above the social buttons.

  2. Link to yourself extensively.

  3. Your blog takes around 6 to 8 seconds to load. Try compressing your scripts and put all your Javascripts towards the end (Bottom) of the blog.

  4. Go join some Blogging Forums and communities. You might get a chance to promote your blogs there.

  5. Blog consistently.

  6. Lastly, write what interests your readers. Check the comments and find out which type of posts are get maximum attention.

By the way, I would like to ask you, whether your blog appears to be mobile-friendly or not? For me it doesn’t look fully optimized. Lets wait and see what others have to say.

Just my two cents. Your content is good you just need to reach your audience. All the best! Rohan Chaubey.

Can any noble man examine my site and guide me why no traffic is coming? And plz tell me why traffic is coming?

Thank you Very Much @Rohan for these useful tips. Thanks


Hey @zohaibliaqat, I have been publishing a blog for a little over a year now, and my most consistent traffic comes from social media sources and understanding how to interact with each community without looking like a marketing robot.

My #1 traffic source is Stumbleupon. If you want to promote your blog posts, I would strongly suggest looking into sharing your content here. Don’t overdo it, read up on their rules and general guidelines first.

My #2 traffic source is Pintrest. If you aren’t active on your social media accounts and working at earning a REAL following that is interested in your blogs, you will get nowhere. Don’t waste your time posting your blog content to any social media outlet unless you have an actual base of followers who are real. It’s a fruitless effort and a complete waste of your energy. Earn your followings on key social media accounts and post your blog regularly and you will see traffic start to pick up. If you want to know how to build these accounts quickly, ask youtube. Don’t cheat with follow for follow or paid services, it never provides return.

In my humble opinion, SEO and alt tags, while helpful, are not going to give you steady traffic. Organic search so far at least for me, is such a small percentage of traffic that its negligible. It’s good for search engine ranking and I wouldn’t shy away from optimizing every image you post and alt tagging, just realize this will most likely not solve your traffic problems.


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I guess you are not using high CPC keywords. Check the link below to know about it.

Another Trick is to use Ezoic:

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Bro According To My Search Of View… Your Site Is Ok oh


Will Advice You Keep Posting More And Make Sure They’re Engaging Too


Work On Your Site Bro, Make Sure Is Mobile Friendly With Google… To Enable You Appear In Search Engine


Hi Rohan,

        I have a new blog and getting very less traffic. I am new to blogging and have Hindi blog named as https://www.ajabgajabfacts.com. I don't to how to start with SEO.

I also want to know how I can ask my question in this forum. Thanks


Go to the main page and press C on your keyboard to write a new post.


The first thing you need to do is do some Keyword Research and find the Keywords for your niche. Add the Title and Description Metatags. Submit sitemap to Google and Bing. Setup the Robots.txt file. Your blog is in Hindi so make sure you let the Google Bot know that by adding the Metatag. Write quality posts of minimum 500 words. Provide post description and Use headings in your post along with images. Write in paragraphs and make sure the paragraphs are not too long. The optimum length is 2-3 lines. Make sure the font is readable if not increase the font size.


Can you elaborate more about keyword research tool, setting of Robots.txt file and metatag for hindi blog as my blog is on Wordpress and I am using single language.

It will be helpful.


For Keyword research you can use the any Keyword Research tool. Just enter your keyword and it will tell it’s growth over the years and CPC and a list of related keywords. So you know you are using the best keywords in your blog. Some of the best are:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Semrush
  3. Ahref

Robots.txt basically lets the Google bot know which pages should it index and which it shouldn’t. For setting it up on wordpress, first you need to install yoast plugin, it’s free. After you have installed it go to SEO > Tools >File Editor > create Robots.txt file Use this link to create a Robots.txt file and then copy paste it in Yoast plugin. And use this link to generate meta tags for your blog. I Hope it helps you!


Hi SEO is a long term process and require proper planning and execution. Before writing article, go to google keyword planner and make a list of target keywords. Choose mix of keywords like high search keywords, long tail keywords and least competitive keywords. Thereafter start writing blog article. Use focus keyword in your articles. Few tips are given for ON Page SEO

  1. Use Yoast SEO plugin for on page SEO if you are using wordpress CMS. 2.Use focus keywords in Heading, article url, in first paragraph, meta description and image alt attribute.
  2. Interlink your similar article in blog and relevant anchor text.
  3. Try to write mix of article like few 2000 words, few 1500 words and few 800 words.
  4. Never copy content and keep content original fresh and updated. Off page SEO tips
  5. Find similar niche blogs and communicate to their admin.
  6. Convince them for guest posting or ask for backlink. If your content is of good quality and unique, they will surely help you.
  7. Participate in blogging forums and help other bloggers. You can get quality backlink for your efforts.
  8. Start social bookmarking and website directory submission.
  9. Use SEO tools to analyze competitor backlink profile. There are hundred of free tools that provide limited feature for SEO optimization.
  10. Check your site speed in GT metrics or google page speed tool and try to keep blog speed above 80 score. Page speed is also an important aspect of SEO in google latest update. These are few tips about SEO that will surely help you. As you told here, you have blog in Hindi language, You can check my Hindi blog about Join Indian Army, Indian army training and Indian army lifestyle. You can learn how I have optimized my blog. Hope this will help you. Thanks


Hello Rohan,

I am totally agree with you. To increase blog traffic social sharing and SEO is very effective.

Thanks for sharing.