Why my Blog Traffic Dropped after buying a Custom Domain?


Hello Great Bloggers, I’m from Accra,Ghana and most bloggers in Ghana don’t really like teaching people tricks in blogging. i have a blog which is


I must say sincerely i’m very glad to be here. I think @Mohammad caught me at the right time. :grinning: was almost about moving to wordpress because i had lost hope in my blogger site. I even thought i would never get adsense because I’m on blogger, That’s why i had wanted to move to wordpress. Moving straight to the point, I created my blog with a suddomain and i followed all the necessary SEO instructions i think. But My brother bought a domain for me and changed my blog to a .com because i didn,t know how to do that. After that, The close to a 100 views a day i was managing dropped drastically to about 20 views a day. Please i want to know

  1. Why the sudden drop?

  2. Is it my seo which is damaged? If yes , please help me fix it Because i don’t know how to do that.

  3. the site is like 6months old with 27posts and about 6300 pageviews in total, Is it a bad?

  4. When is the write time to reapply for adsense if you have been disapproved earlier with the stats above

please i need all your suggestions. Looking forward to your immense help. Its a great job you guys are doing here. Thank you very much.


Thank you for joining the forum and posting your query. :smiley:

I would like to share the good news that your brother did make a right decision by buying you a custom domain. You don’t need to worry about that drop because 100 Pageviews and 20 Pageviews have no big different, we talk in thousands when we consider a traffic drop, right now your blog is in initial stages and a little focus towards its SEO could surely get you over a thousand pageviews daily. Kindly read follow these tips to make sure you publish rich quality content and rank well in SERPs in order to receive quality organic traffic.

Upon doing a quick index check of your blog , I found that your site is well indexed. Google has successfully index 91 pages of your site


You need to follow some basic SEO techniques in order to better optimize your posts and blog structure. I would recommend the following tutorials:

Now coming towards your questions:

  1. This drop is common and it happens when you redirect a blogspot domain to a custom domain. Such drop is insignificant and it will surely get normal once Google propagates through all your new site link redirections

  2. Submit the following sitemap to Google for your site: http://www.empowafrica.com/sitemap.xml

  3. Post at least 5 posts each week. This will earn you 20 posts each month. Your current total of post count is quite less and you are lucky Google is still sending you traffic for such less number of posts! :wink:

  4. You must read this post where I have explained everything in full detail regarding applying for Adsense

Let me know if you need more help. :innocent:


This is what beginners must follow, Nice explanation by Mohammad. helps a lot for every one


Thank You very much @Mohammad for the great feed back. Please Is my layout and page design ok?

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