Why My Blog pages are not getting indexed?


I created a blog three or four months ago and submitted a sitemap in Google Webmaster tools but today when I navigated to sitemap option in Google webmaster tools, I saw that total submitted URL are 18 but only 9 URL are indexed.
I’ve changed the domain name a few days ago. May be it is the reason of this issue. I’ve not changed the URL of my blog in webmaster tools. So, also tell me the way to change it.


Hello @saadwasil you should use fetch as google feature of webmasters through which you posts and pages will index faster also if you want to change the url follow these steps-

Go To Webmasters Tools

Select Your Site Find The Setting Icon in top right and then click

Click Change Of Address Now You Can Change The Url

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I use Fetch as Google option but It does not work.


So You Shuld First Change The Url As Mentioned Above


@saadwasil Google Webmaster Tools only show Indexed URL count , When any search query detected to related to your new post’s . Sometimes it already Indexed on Google , But it never count because of the reason that i mentioned above . Just search on Google like the following example given below .

Your Site Address + Post Title

If your blog post was indexed , Then you can see it on the Google search , Other wise just contact me , I have other lot of solutions for you . :smiley:


If you change the URL of the blog, you should add a new URL in GWM tools. If you have mapped a new domain to the subdomain, no need.


No, I just changed the URL from .blogspot.com to .com