Why my blog is receiving very less organic traffic?


Hello guys!
I started my blog in January 2015 with .blogspot domain name. I purchased .com domain in April. I have published 32 posts on my blog by applying basic SEO techniques. I have added meta description and meta keywords.
My blog receive only 30 to 40 pageviews/month from search engines. Please any one tell me that what’s the problem with my blog’s SEO and why it doesn’t receive much traffic from search engines?


Applying SEO Tactics is just initial You may have not optimized SEO properly.

Here are some tips I recommend always

  1. Pick a good domain

Create Value added content

The topics of link is important

Updating your blog atleast twice a week

Use webmaster tools like google,bing and yahoo

Define Keywords

Use the keyword in post title

Use keywords in heading (H2 tags in the post)

Publish post with 300+ words

Put internal links

Optimize Robots.txt file

Use a relevant and attractive title