Why my blog didn't get approval from BUYSELLADS?


Hey @Mohammad, I recently applied for buysellads approval but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get one. Can you please review my blog articlesteller[dot]com and can tell me that why I didn’t get approval from BSA? It seems strange :s

What should I need to do in order to get BuySellAds approval?
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There is some info shared by saadwasil, Please check if it may help you.


I know all that, I need some personal assistance from Muhammad. By the ways thanks for sharing this.


Can you share some stats of your blog because that matter a lot.

  1. Your Daily Pageviews
  2. Sources of Traffic
  3. Email Subscribers


50,000 page views not 20,000 … i think :wink:


I’ve seen some blogs having 15000 monthly Pageviews (Not Visitors), approved in BuySellAds. For Example: bloggingehow[dot]com. It has only 10000 pageviews monthly.


Monthly Impressions: 55000 minimum.

Source of Traffic Google, Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, kingged, blogengage, indibloggers and several other platforms.

Email Subscribers 50 and growing.

Since the blog is not so old(less than 6 months old), our alexa rank is 253,105 globally and 33,701 in India.


I myself have a high traffic blog (125000 pageviews last month, daily a bit less than 5000 pageviews), but was rejected by buy sell ads. I believe it’s the niche that is the problem in my case (hacking). Other than the traffic and professionalism of the blog/website, the advertisers also look for niche. Not many people are interested in showing advertisements on tech pages since most of the visitors to those sites are 24x7 on the internet, and are ad blind (they don’t click on the ads). For example, consider you have a website about gardening, the people who visit that websites aren’t techies, and will probably click on a relevant ad if they see one. On the other hand, I surf 100s of pages daily, and I rarely click on ads (I only click an ad when I find nice content on a website and feel that the person deserves to earn something. Also, if the ads are of adsense, I don’t give grace clicks, since this decreases the CPC of the publisher. If the ad clicks convert to leads, i.e. person buys the product whose ads they click, adsense increases CPC, and if the page gets too many ad clicks but no conversion, then the traffic is labelled low quality and less CPC is given).

So basically there may be many factors due to which a blog is not approved by an advertiser. I’m certain Mohammad would be able to help you further.


Waiting for your reply :O. @Mohammad , :open_mouth:


plz check this BSA official link BSA Terms


@Mohammad You haven’t solve my problem yet :S.


In BSA Terms and Conditions, It’s really written that 50000 pageviews per month are necessary to get approval in BSA but, then how did bloggingehow, having 10000 pageviews per month, get approved in BuySellAds?


@ saadwasil, BeH is working with BSA i think from 2011 year, may they have 50K or above PV’s at that time. and after passing time pageviews decreased.


@Mohammad You haven’t solve my problem yet How @Mohamamd can solve your pblm?? i dont understand,… he already give u answer 253105 alexa rank… i think u need to improve some more alexa rank dear…


:S. I was just asking for his help. :s. I was asking about his guidance. I wasn’t asking him to help me in getting BSA approval. So better you reply to a message when you have point to raise.


@imrannazish And by the way he hasn’t replied to my query. He just asked for some information which I have provided after that he didn’t respond. Therefore I am looking for his tips about getting BSA approval


@imrannazish And by the way he hasn’t replied to my query. He just asked for some information which I have provided after that he didn’t respond. Therefore I am looking for his tips about getting BSA approval

Sorry if my reply hurts :frowning:


Sorry I am late, I almost misread this post due to dozen of questions posted daily. Accept my humble apologies @HusnainMz

From that stats you shared it surely shows that you need to work on your organic traffic. This is the official requirement by BSA

Your website should have real, established traffic with at least 50,000 page impressions per month. If a publisher registers a domain and then quickly uses a service to purchase bulk / false clicks to increase page impressions for the purpose of selling ads, the site would be rejected. (These unethical traffic practices also have a very negative effect on domains and future interactions with ad networks, so establishing traffic in this manner should never be considered for any website.)

BSA does not consider traffic from social media so if we exclude the inorganic traffic then your monthly total is less than 50K pageviews. This is the only reason why your blog do not qualify at this stage. Work harder on publishing unique content for at least 3 months and then recheck your stats on analytics to calculate the traffic from search engines alone. I am sure if you post regularly, you can easily cross 60K within 3-4 months. :innocent:

Also work on your site design because at this moment you need to have a more professional template. Use bright colors instead of dull shades of blue and grey.

Also note that your Fan likes are just 518, you need to advertise your fan page on Facebook to get at least 2000 likes. It will cost you only $15-$20 but it is important for better marketing your site and is a recommended way but don’t buy likes from fiverr or any other service because all those likes are reset by Facebook and can cause deletion of your fan page.

Alexa is a nonsense and no ad works considers it now, neither do the Sponsors.

Rest your content is great and your writing skills are also commendable, Just focus on design and traffic for the time being.

Tell me the names of top 10 Google adsense alternatives in your own experience

No worries :P. Thanks for ur kind and descriptive reply. :stuck_out_tongue:


But one more question to ask. You said that I need to write regularly, I already have more than 118 articles and still I am unable to get much traffic from search engines. Will you please tell me that what I am doing wrong? Or on what topics I should focus to get more traffic from SERPs