Why my Adsense page views are dropping?


Hi All,

i have ad-sense account when increasing blogger page views my adsense page views are increasing some times dropping page views from adsense account

negative page views are not possible then why my page views are dropping? and one more problem page views difference between blogger and Adsense very high Ex: blogger page views 1000 , adsense page views 100 like these page i am facing

please help on this

Thanks for advance




Look Bro There are many factors on adsense page views are counted unlike blogger stats are not so accurate but adsense are too accurate. Your adsense views may be less as many of your visitors must be using adblockers which remove adsense ads. Also users viewing single page many times may not count in adsense views. It is said that you should have 250-300 adsense views for every 1000 views then you may earn good.

By The Way you should also try other analytics tools like google analytics and then check the pageviews. You may also contact adsense help team for your problem . :smiley:

Happy Blogging :heart: :smiley: