Why low traffic after about one year of Blog


Hi Friends,

I started a blog on Blogger in March 2015. I add custom domain (www.rochhak.com) to it in June 2015. I post about 125+ posts on blog but i have get traffic from google only 200 persons per day, Please see my blog and give me some tips to improve it.



Hey bro, you are really in trouble. You have to remove all the search, label, archive and ending with ‘?m=0’ pages from the google index.

Here is how to remove it?

  1. Go to Google and search ‘site:www.rochhak.com’.

  2. List all the search, archive pages in a notepad. (You can do that by visiting each search and archive link, then copy the url and then paste them one by one in notepad).

  3. Go to google WMT>INDEX>Remove URLs>Temporary Hide. Now copy one by one URL from your notepad and paste there and remove it from the search.

After finishing that be sure these will not heart you again in future. So follow below steps…

  1. Go to Settings>Search Preference>Robots Txt>Enable it and the paste the following code and then save it.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search/

Disallow: /search?

Disallow: /search/label/

Disallow: /?m=0

Disallow: /?m=1

Sitemap: http://www.rochhak.com/sitemap.xml

And then save it. To remove archive pages we will go through another one step. Follow below…

  1. Go to meta tags/robots tags/header tags. This will meet you in that same page.

  2. Enable it and then check the nofollow, noindex in the archive and search pages section. Then save it

Thats it, I hope you will be fine after doing this. Remember to fetch your whole blog in webmaster tools to ask google to update their index. It will take more than 2 days to over come.


Thankyou very much friend. Your tips are two good.


you welcome and yes as you are in trouble you can find tips there to recover. I will be glad solving some little problems.


you welcome bro, you can also read a topic which is about ?m=0 parameter here. and for more related help stay with community and ask whatever you want. you can also follow the link to get tips on optimizing your webiste.


Hello bro @purushottamkmq Could you tell me how is my site seo status ? Is it correct yet ? (www.camtemplate.com)


Hey @Lo_Lyheang

I will put short review about your site due to time.

There are most of sites available in your niche. What i suggest to you. Add some uniqueness to it.

Suggestions -

  1. Write detailed post about template features rather than copy pasting from other sites.
  2. Tell your users about licensing details of using template. AND read this one http://ask.mybloggertricks.com/t/we-should-respect-the-creator-owner-of-something-we-use/2364
  3. First Perform self review of each and every template you have included in your site. Do not just inserted it because since you like it.
  4. Tell users about pro and cons of template.
  5. Add section about who can you use a particular template.
  6. Do some research about each template.
  7. Decide some standards for your site and use strictly.
  8. Keep** keen eye on your competitors** and find why they are performing well.
  9. Encourage readers to write detailed comments rather than mini and spam comments.

I know, this is not about SEO. But this is somewhat, which helps you not to be penalized by google in future. Since you are re-share someone works. So keep Respect it.


Robin Singh


@Lo_Lyheang, you have to think about your readers and visitors, respect them by giving all the details about a specific product as said by @syncboost


Thanks for your advice ! Yeah like what you said above , I collect the template and give them a backlink because im just starter that never know about template collector .


Hey bro @syncboost How about this site ? (gooyaabitemplates.com/food-blog-blogger-template) Did they respect to the creator and tell user about licensing to use template yet . or could you give me an example site ?



Do not indulge in unnecessary talks that what others follow, then i should follow it. This will not make you right. i.e. if someone is not following standards of blogger community, then you have no right to break the rules. If you follows standards strictly, then google make you happy by giving appropriate credit for your work.

Reason behind My suggestions is that the future of your blogging carrier will not get abolished.

And the most important, what helps you to sustain in your niche is to be doing some unique work.

I was observing your niche since 2009, when i like to exploring things about blogging and the weird fact is that even the giants of your niche falls not only from their position, but also some of them are demolished too over time.

At last - I remained You, Now you are asking about those things which are out of center point of this topic, since you have asked for SEO of your Blog.Hence, we gave you suggestions.

One another Tip - Update Your Old Posts Regularly.


Robin Singh


I already did it never remove credit link to the owner and more we will try to write our description about template before publishing .


Write Detailed Posts About template so that google consider it quality content. Use Relevant LSI keywords. Quality of an article make it easy to understand by search Bots.


Robin Singh


Im not a copy paste person so i will follow your advice . thanks


Thanks for discussion. Tips of Your all is really effective.



Thanks for appreciating us.

Can you please edit the topic title and add [solve] at end of it. So that, other users will know that this post is complete and fixed.


Robin Singh


Hi! I have blog on Blogger and also do not have much traffic!


Should i make considering steps as well? Can you please check my site???

Would be very appreciate!!! @purushottamkmq purushottamkmq


Hey @Aeriane_Cohen, sorry for the late reply. If you are not getting a lot of traffic, then this is due to your idea about writing. And it looks like you have started your blog as on march 2015. Right? So, why there is only 10 posts at all? This is the main thing you need to consider and implement. As a suggestion you have to write at least 5 posts in a week. I hope this will solve your problem. But to stay in blogging you have to take second important step called Search Enhine Optimization. Do it proper. Your blog will surely float in the sky and never go down. Third: you need to make your post with minimum of 400 unique words, try to make it for your visitors not for the search engine. If you make it for your visitors then search engines will automatically pass the love juice to your blog.