Why is there a difference in blogger pageview stats and AdSense pageview Stats?


pls help! why the difference in blogger page view and adsense page view performance for the day?

my blog performance (page view) for the day and adsense performance (page view) are not the same, unlike yesterday the page view is 608 and page view in adsene is 48, why the differences? and am using mobile responsive template. thanks


Blogger stats include all visitors, while Adsense stats do not. Visitors without javascripting enabled, and visitors with adblockers on aren’t shown in Adsense and neither are crawlers or bots (and blogger does count those), so there will be a difference in views. However, that seems like a large difference.

If you were using blogger before you were using adsense, then of course there would be a difference, depending on which stats you are looking at. Are you looking at the all time stats on blogger.

The difference between 608 pageviews and 48 pageviews isn’t that big. Not only that - many repeat visitors may not count in adsense, such as those repeatedly coming from facebook.



True, you make a valid point on the difference between Blogger and Adsense Stats.


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