Why is My Blog not Getting Traffic despite so much hard work?


It has been over 2 years and my blog has not been able to gain any significant amount of traffic. There have been some good times but recently its like almost completely down. I don’t know whether its the design, content or SEO that’s making it lag behind. I have put in a lot of effort on it and i am prepared to do whatever it takes to get it up and running. I’d like to listen to your sincere reviews about my blog (www.thegadgetcode.com) specially from you bro @Mohammad and how I can improve it.

Thanks !


FURQAN your website is good i want to say just be patient and keep working hard try To upload attractive template it is my thinking i am not expert in blogging as a reader or visitor i suggest you best of luck brother


From what I could see, I noticed the following

  1. When I first got to your website, I couldn’t figure out what it was about. There is no description and it seems like yours is a blog about everything under the sun. Not good. Help users understand where they have come, if they are clueless they will leave soon
  2. After a while it appeared that you had two kinds of posts - Tech Related and Jokes. Tech is a really wide niche and for getting good traffic your website must be an authority for some subject. I have a blog, it’s not about technology or gadgets, not about computers, not about hacking, but a very specific niche (see the hierarchy Tech -> Computers -> Hacking -> Kali Linux -> Tutorials). I focus on my specific niche - Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials, that’s all the website has. My site ranks as the first result on the first page for most of the keywords I’m focusing on. I can never rank first on Gadgets or computers or even hacking. But for kali hacking tutorials, I can and a do. Focus on a single niche, this way you’ll get organic traffic for that query
  3. Facebook integration. I saw like buttons but no like box. Given the number of jokes you post, you should have a deeply integrated facebook page. Joke pages are insanely popular on facebook and if you post regularly then you can get plenty of traffic from social media. I have a facebook page with ~2500 likes associated with my blog, but given the niche (kali linux), I don’t get much engagement in my page, and >90% of my traffic is organic. Yours can be mostly social. Get social traffic, use your joke (memes) niche

I’m no expert, but I gave what I’ve learnt so far. If you can manage some backlinks from reputed websites, that will really help you. I saw you have 100s and 100s of post, you should now focus on SEO and design as well, you have enough content already.

Hope this helps. :smile:


You’ve to do some serious changes to gain your web traffic e.g.

Change template and place a SEO + user friendly interface designed template

Keep posting regularly and post that thing which have some queries so use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Add maximum text data because some of your posts only have images

You didn’t post anything in Dec and Jan months so keep on track regularly

Try to work in specific niche because multiple niche’s will get no traffic mostly if your brand has no popularity

Add social widgets in sidebar to get social audience

Add related posts

Remove blog archive to reduce site speed

Reduce keywords in post titles because long posts titles gets non ranking in SERPs


Thanks for your in depth review bro. Very helpful! I will work on your suggestions of narrowing down my niche and social media integration. I need some SEO and Design revision advice. I am looking for a new template for starters.


Thank you @Mr_Raja for you kind suggestions. i am surely going for a design overhaul.


You just need to concentrate on your blog’s quality.

  1. I suggest you to change your blog’s template.
  2. Apply an SEO friendly template on your blog.
  3. Must publish at least 3 quality posts of 500 to 2000 words. Your post’s niche should be, for which people search on Google and other common search engines like Yahoo and Bing.
  4. Apply all on page and off page SEO tricks on your blog. You can find a lot of tips and tricks about SEO on Internet.
  5. Make use of Social Sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Stumble Upon etc, to generate some traffic.

I have used Google plus to get almost 150 pageviews of my blog in one day.


Hi @Furqan_Khuaja, I loved the quality in you of asking for help and good to see that you are ready to work hard on your blog. I am sure you will make your blog active once again. :slight_smile:

Below are some little but powerful tips which will help you to get traffic. Remember I am not copying and pasting anything, I am sharing what I have learned, applied and the results are quite relevant if you trace my blogs on internet.

1. Write well -

Read other good blogs and learn from them how to write like a professional blogger.

2. Comment on what you read -

If you read a blog post and like it, do leave a comment; it improves your writing skills; Trust me! I have been doing it and you can literally find my comments on more than 100+ blogs.

3. Use high quality multimedia -

You you might think what is the relationship between images and traffic. Beautiful/helpful images get more social shares and more social shares means more traffic to your blog. For example: I shared one of my question I asked on this forum and it got 25 unique visitors to this forum. SO my share gave this forum 25 unique visitors similarly this will happen on your blog too. Social shares matters a lot.

4. Be social among Blogosphere -

Go beyond your country and connect to all the bloggers globally. This will bring glabal visitors to your blog thereby increasing your global rank. This one is interesting, isn’t it? :wink:

5. Guest post -

It is your wish if you want a backlink or not. I personally have guest posted on sites and I sometimes deny getting backlinks. But there is no harm in getting one or two. :wink:

Prove that you are an authority blogger and give your readers a reason to subscribe to your blog and urge them to come back.

Lots more to write… And I can continue writing to answer you but it will get to the length of an e-book Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

So let me know if you have any further queries. Hope this helps.

-Rohan Chaubey.

Can any noble man examine my site and guide me why no traffic is coming? And plz tell me why traffic is coming?

Dear @Furqan_Khuaja I willingly delayed my answer so that I may first give other forum members a chance. The tips shared by @Shashwat_Chaudhary, @Mr_Rajaa and @saadwasil are so thought provoking and self-explanatory that I personally learnt a lot from them. Well done buddies for being so descriptive and helpful to the community. :clap:

I will sum up everything below:

  1. First and foremost like everyone suggested and I often emphasize on it is selecting a specific niche. Blogs that cover multiple irrelevant categories never makeup quality Latent Semantic Keywords and neither a fair keyword density to rank higher in SERPs. Write now your focus is quite distracted and a visitor can rarely subscribe because the site is not based on a single interest. This confuses both search robots and readers. Robots get confused to classify your content and give you a space in a particular niche and readers get confused in understanding what the blog is actually all about. This results ultimately in Low SERPs rank and High bounce rate. You must keep your focus on a single niche.
  2. Design matters a lot! because a template using latest Design Layout provides a great user experience and attracts visitors and makes them stay longer on your site, thus increasing your pageviews and lowering your bounce rate. You must choose a professional looking template which must be responsive and flexible in navigation. I saw no efforts made on your blog design
  3. Panda loves Poor content . Blog posts with no content or thin content are first to get penalized by Google Panda updates. This algorithm is designed to target sites which offer no resource value and no rich quality unique content. You must delete all those Gag related posts with just an image and no content or at least no-index them. Did you ever saw us posting just an image on our site ever? Always follow sites to get inspiration and never experiment with techniques unless you have consulted someone well versed in SEO.
  4. Your posts content is not optimized, images are naked without an alt tag, Title headlines use <h3>, no internal links used, plain text posts and so on. Read this easy guide on all Blogger SEO Settings

These are the major points that I notice on your blog and correcting them all can take you just a week if you try to makeup your mind. Websites rise and fall each day but only those survive which stick firmly to SEO standards. Don’t worry about the current condition of your blog, you just need some cleanup work after which you can expect both traffic and lucrative income.

Most importantantly you have your brothers here for all help and support :innocent:

Can any noble man examine my site and guide me why no traffic is coming? And plz tell me why traffic is coming?

Quite insightful of you @Mohammad. It seems like a lot of work so I should just get to it then. I would need your help in this. I have chosen a template for my blog. I am sending you a PM please let me know what do you think about it.


Thanks @Rohan for your sincere review and great advice :smile:


Sure I am here for any help needed. Do SMS me if I failed to read your PM on time