Why is my Blog not found By Search Engines?



I’m new here. I was doing a search on how to get a drop down menu for my blog when I bumped in to this site.

Ii tried using it but I did encounter some stress along the line as the drop-down failed to respond but every other did. So, decided to switch to my old menu tab.

Here is my biggest challenge.

  1. My Blog is not being found by any search engine even if I do search for all the exact topics or phrass in my blog. move from the first to last page of the Search result. I may even and a part of my blog name to it and to no avail. I can only find my site on Google if I only type Blog in full as realtweak.blogspot.com

I even turned on the index settings on, on the search preference, but, did not input any character.

  1. How do I monetize my blog aside of ad-sense since they haven’t granted my request?

  2. Hope the Ad-sense application which I did wont have an effect on my blog since its younger the 3 or 6 months as posted in one of the topics in this forum?

I also would love help/advice on the development of my blog(realtweak.blogspot.com) since am about to start a new blog soonest.

Thanks for your time and support as I have seen the cooperation here.


Try to work on Content Quality and long tail keywords its solve your all problems. :smiley:


Getting your blog founded by Search Engine is not as easy as you’re taking bro! You have to work day and night in SEO. If you want to earn from your blog, then blogging is not ‘Blogging’ for you because you have to make your blog’s template SEO (search engine optimization) Optimized and also, make it Mobile-friendly (responsive) so that, you will not be punished by Google’s Mobilegeddon. You can see how Google & Bing are trying to do there best to provide best results to Mobile Users:

:link: How to Optimize Content for Google’s Mobile Update?

:link: Bing Started Showing ‘Mobile-friendly’ Label on Mobile Search Engine

You also have to take care for other things too like making quality, useful and attractive content, promote them in social media, using good meta tags, never copying other’s work, making your template’s loading fast, making your every post title’s length no more than 62 characters and more…

Thanks, I hope it helped


try not to use the word ‘ads’ for your ads placement. use sponsored or something. you are probably penalize by google due to that hehe.


Oh Chelyz. never thouht of that as a barrier. Thanks for that Tip.


I was doing some search and I came across some very long and complex codes which is kinda confusing. it says I must have to code in my templete for the search spider and crawlers to be able to craw my site. is that very through. Its making me feel terrible for my blog to be left out.