Why is google analytic stats different from google adsense?


i am having more then 100 page views a day as per google analytic and WP stats, but my adsense says, one page view, why is it so??? and google adsense pays only for click? not on impression? i got adsense two days back, so i am not sure how it works. all i can see is but page view difference in google analytic and google adsense. when analytic says 100 or more, adsene says 1 or 6 is there some thing i am missing or doing wrong?


There are several reasons that Google Analytics and Google Adsense don’t show the exact statistics and if you’re with Blogger you will also find huge dissipation between them.

Google Analytics works with unique tracking ID being installed on website html document section, Google Adsense works asynchronously [OK] but when users enable Ad Blocker in their browser [there are about 5% of internet users use this browser extension] then Adsense can’t count views, impressions, visits, active views etc.etc. but Analytics still counts everything.

Yes! Adsense pays for clicks but they roughly estimate the Ad RPM value for your running channels but they pay on four different ways [CPC, CPM, Active view CPM, and CPE] you should know it.


okay so i had page views, around 80 to 100 unique users. assuming 15% uses ads block, and 25% of rest are not counted by adsense because, of returning users, and for all other reasons, … rounding it off to 50% still i should have 200 vies shown or 40 to 50 ( if users are counted only) i wana knw if my ad sense is working fine, because i dont want to lose any money that i earned.

and as you said, i wll read google policies.


hello ,

did you solved your problem,

i am also facing same issue and am facing another issue also adsense page views are dropping , some times adsense page views are dropping

my website is fresherssoftwarejobs.in

please let me know any thing i did mistake placing ads or any other mistake please let me know

Regards Venkat


well my issue is not solved, just living with it now secondly bro the page view dropping issue is serious, try checking if you are affected by any of search engine updates, any error or penalty