Why is AdSense is no more showing three Content units on a Page?


AdSense ads not showing in between posts.

If ads are displayed in between posts then sidebar widget Ad is not displayed.

Everything is fine on home page, but when a post is opened then I’m able to display only 2 ads in total.

Previously I was able to display more than 3 Ads on the page, but now suddenly I can’t display more than 2 ads on the page.

Either 2 display ads or 2 link ads or 1 display and 1 link ads.

Please HELP.

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i dont know about this but i saw related this topic muhammad said

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You are encountering this problem because you may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page. Large Ad unit dimensions include 300x1050 and 970x250 formats, 750x200 and 580x400 regional formats, and any other custom sized ad with comparable dimensions.

Also remember that two or more AdSense ads may not appear on the screen at the same time on a mobile site.

Therefore you need to remove one of those Large ad units that you have added below header and on sidebar because they are treated differently when it comes to 3 AdSense For Content units limit. They occupy a lot of space and Google recommends to add them once a page only

Update: Google has changed its policy. It is not important that all ads may low. We are facing the same on our sites and same on other corporate sites. Read this: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/10522?hl=en


Sir, Thanks for your precious reply.

I have a 970x90 ad unit (1) below the header. A 300 x 600 ad unit (2) on sidebar. And 2 Link ad units of 200 x 90 (3).

All these ad units are visible on all pages.

Whereas, in my post section I have added a 336x280 (4) ad unit after comment tag.

The problem I’m facing is on homepage all the ads (1,2 and 3) are visible. Whereas when I open any post, only 1, 3 and 4 ads units are visible. NO IDEA WHY ad unit 2 is not visible.


You need to add only one Large Ad unit as I replied earlier if you wish all three content ad units to load normal.

The reason why it loads on homepage is because you have added only 2 Content units but on your post pages you have added 3 units.

Either keep two large Units on all pages OR

keep Two small units and one large on all pages.

This is the only fix to your problem

I am not a very much big fan of the large units anyway :innocent: