Why Infolinks shows only Facebook Ads on my Blog?


I’m using infolinks with my blog but one thing I have noticed that infolinks shows only Facebook ads on my blog. All infolinks publishers face this problem. I don’t know that is this a problem with my account or they have only one advertiser. One more thing, I have a blog with 100 pageviews/day. I use infolinks with it but my total revenue is still zero. If you have experienced with infolinks, then please answer me that what is the problem?


Probably, this is because Facebook pays more to Infolinks that’s why Infolinks display most advertisements of Facebook. Well, this is not a problem. Its just a case of paying more.

And, I advise you to stop using infolinks because they simply irritate your blog’s visitors. Its my own experience.

And, I admired that your blog is more about Blogging rather than Android. So, most of the bloggers know that you have added ads for earning and this is a fact that no blogger want you earn! they never click on them. And, this is the simple reason of your no earning.

By the way, your Blog’s content is not unique (sorry). Try to post unique content and increase the number of your pageviews (about 1K-2K) and then, try out Adsense. Its best! :smile:

Tip: You can also try Buysell Ads (not now).


I write content with my own efforts. So, it is 100% unique. How do you consider that the content on my blog is not unique? Is there any tool?


My means was not from ‘copied’. Unique means, that content (even similar) should not posted anywhere. Like, you have posted How To Change Background Color or Image in Blogger Template. You can get the steps (similar) on another blog too. Like, on 26 Dec 2013, a website named ‘Gumdi’ had posted about ‘How to Change Background Color of Blogger Template’. Don’t you think the steps will be same? Unique means- Unheard posts.



I think there is not even a single topic which cannot be found on internet. Am I right…?


No. You are wrong. See MBT posts. They always post something unique. So why you can’t? And from where they get that uniqueness in their post?

Just by doing something which everyone don’t do.

By the way, don’t you think we are going off-topic? If you want, please continue this conversation in PM.


I want to leave this conversation here. :expressionless: because your answers are demotivating me


@Shivansh is saying right that infolinks shows only facebook ads as facebook have paid for too many impressions so infolinks first tries to give impressions to facebook rather than other advertisers.You should not use infolinks as their pay rates are too low and the main thing they annoy users.

BTW you are doing good job at your blog but you need to get unique ideas in your mind to get more visits. I am not trying to demotivate you :confounded: Iam just suggesting you to write unique content with newer topics.

Good Luck For Your Blog :smile:


@saadwasil, dear he is not de-motivating you. try to understand what he is saying. thanku


by unique, he probably means content which no other website or blog has made as well. dont get me wrong, but if you make a review of a phone, which probably a 100 authority websites have already made, its not unique even if you use your own grammar, hope you got the point