Why High Ranked Posts Went Down In Google Search Results?


@Mohammad bro i need some kind of help, When my posts was 25 i was getting about 150 visitors from google and now when posts are 50 the traffic is about to same. But reduce a bit to 100+ I realize that my one of posts got ranked and after some days another also got ranked but previous post went down this is the reason there is no traffic increase. This happened three time, I want to know that why ranked post goes down?


The ranking on first page of Google is called SERP i.e. Search Engine Results Page. The results on this page are always fluctuating depends on the number of backlinks, Pageviews and date of publishing. If you ranked for a particular keyword on the first page but later your rank went down then it is because Google found some other sites which were receiving greater number of inbound links than yours and their reputation kept on increasing more than yours.

Sites go up and down on weekly basis at Google so you need not worry and keep on publishing quality content. You can attain a stable condition only when both traffic on your site and number of inbound links grow in numbers. This is only possible if you try to increase your post frequency and publish unique content so that people in your network may refer your site and send you inbound links.


Thanks bro for detailed answer, actually i got confused many of my friends ask me not to build backlinks just focus on quality content you will get ranked. I am not ranking any specific keyword also don’t have any idea how to rank a specific keyword. I just post unique content, please let me know the authentic way to build backlinks.