Why Google AdSense Disapprove My Application Every Time?


Assalam O Alaikum

When every i re-submit my application to google AdSense they reply me :

"Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time. "

i have original content .I also added privacy policy & about us page.

I don’t know why google adsense disapprove my application #3 times. Can you please have look my blog http:meralesson.com/ and give some advice to me.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, do let me know that how many persons are running this website? And did you try to request Google from different person’s account? What is the sourse of your traffic ans how many visitors do your website have per day?


10k Pageviews per month and traffic sources Facebook ,Google, StumbleUpon ,Vk, Twitter,


I think you must at least 30% Organic Traffic for applying Google Adsense.



Another So-called Expert arrives here!!!

You don’t need any Traffic to get approval from Adsense

If you didn’t get an Approval from Google then try these methods.

Create a Professional Mail Something like Raj@alltechhope.com.

Then try to submit a application. I think, you will get an approval.


@Rajkumar Thanks for commenting. I wrote “I think you need 30% organic traffic”. it means this is what I observe and I don’t present myself as an expert. I am a Newbie in this field.



First of all, Sorry, If I hurt You.

My intention is not to hurt you. But, I am Fed up with This So-called Experts.

They will act like Pros and knows Nothing about Blogging and SEO. And one more funny thing is. They will start a Blog in SEO Space and start Posting Rubbish articles about SEO.

I’m Just fed up with this. That’s why I reacted like that. Sorry for being rude.

Now when it comes to topic Adsense Approval, Follow these methods.

-> Post at least one or two articles -> Make Navigation of the site Clear -> Crawl your article as a Google and submit it to index -> After a while, it will index -> Then, go to Adsense And Apply for it.

Some Bloggers says Privacy, Disclaimer, and several other pages. It may not be necessary, but if you add those pages, it will add some authority in Google Point of you.

One more misconception is, You don’t need any traffic. If you have traffic you will earn other wise not. It has no such impact on Adsense Approval.

Hope it will clear the doubts!!


Thanks for useful information. These 'so called experts learn from internetand they don’t know which information is right, so make sure you have published all necessary information about blogging and SEO…


Now please explain your 2nd and 3rd points in details.



Google adsense has been disapproved my application twice. every time the mentioned issue was the difficult site navigation: potentional navigation issue, broken links, redirection issue. i made my blog in 2011 and more than 280 post is there. Can anyone help me to get the adsense approval. Thanks in advance


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