Why FontAwesome Doesn't have Blogger's Icon?


Hey guys, Today I Glanced through all of the font awesome icons in github’s directory and what I found that is really very sad!

Google Blogger is a big community of bloggers around the world and font awesome has wordpress icon with them but they don’t have blogger icon. This is really very Sad. I found some Requests on fontawesome support page for including blogger icons in font awesome but this request is not yet fulfilled by github so we blogger users are not less we are a very big community who has a great recognition in the world but then also they have not included it So basically what I want is everyone reading this to drop a request of including blogger icon in fontawesome directory :slight_smile:

Thankyou very much for removing your time and reading this and Also Thankyou x100 if you dropped a request over there!


Happy Blogging!



Yes I too saw that they don’t have Blogger Icon. However, they have WordPress Icon, Tumblr Icons and others’ Icons but not Blogger Icon. But I think Dave Gandy will create it in its next update (4.4.0 or 4.3.1). If you want to use Blogger Icon now, then you should create it and using it using Dave Gandy’s new :star: Font Icons. you can search on Google to know more about it. Its free version is also available in which you can upload your own created icons.

P.S. Changed Title & Category to Blogger Wishlist


No but I am talking about the partiality :’(


Oh C’mon! Its not partiality. What will be the benefit if he will do any partiality by not creating Blogger Icon? I think he forgot to include that.


Shivansh brother how can someone forget to include blogger who is having millions of users :disappointed_relieved:


Hmm… Forget that. I have Dave Gandy’s Email. I’ll request him to add Blogger’s Icon on his next update. :smile:




@Nafees, if you want Blogger Icon, then simply download ‘zocial’ font on your blog. It will change Capital b (B) to Blogger Icon. :smile:

On zocial font, their are many icons available that are not available in Font Awesome Icon. Like Blogger, Ubuntu. And its very easy to use. If you set font-family to zocial, and then type ‘W’, then will change into WordPress Icon. I think you should try it. :smile:


I think we should vote the Blogger Icon on Font Awesome. Here is the thread.

Vote For Blogger Icon


4.40 has been released but still gandy didn’t add blogger, Now what to say it’s his property although :neutral_face: