Why Do We Turn Down Offers Of Over $1000 Each Month?


The only reason why we survived so far is always finding the Halal (legal) ways of earning and making sure we may not violate TOS of any Network we are affiliated with.

Every week we get offers up to $300 for a Paid Article but we turn it down the sooner we discover that it links to a Web hosting company, Forex site, Casino/Gambling site, explicit content or any site which violates Search engine policies or are heavy advertisers.

We have been sharing several guides on how to identify whether or not you should accept a review. The following guides are enough to help you make the right decision

:link: 10 Important Questions Answered By Google On Paid Links

:link: Google Strict Penalty on Sites that Sell Links To Pass PageRank

:link: Why do paid links violate Google’s guidelines while other ads don’t?

:link: How Google Tells the Difference Between Paid and Normal Links

Remember always that slow and steady may not always win the race but it will always be self-satisfied with his efforts and ensuring he did his best.

Avoid fake reviews and accepting paid contextual advertisements just for the sake of few dollars.

You can surely write positive product reviews as long as it relates to your niche and must not be over exaggerated.

Never be emotionally blackmailed by a stranger who emails you praising your work and letting you feel you have a great blog and he wishes to advertise on it with an excellent piece of article. Keep your eyes open on all such Emails and always give 24 hours to make a decision before instantly replying the email.

Never accept reviews of companies which are already advertising on Adwords or Media.net. It is enough evidence to get you penalized by Penguin penalty. We often write reviews too but after having convinced ourselves by investigating thoroughly the content being shared.

Stay safe and always take advice from people you trust. Wish you all a happy and productive blogging journey. :sunny:



Hello Mustafa bhai,

I second you. I am always and will always stay in my niche no matter what. I doubt the credibility when I see this-that reviews of some products who do not entirely or closely match to the niche of such websites; I begin to wonder why is that so?

Is it that hardly a handful of bloggers know you can’t grow into every single thing and hence they do the same thing; do not take paid opportunities for every single thing but for those who match with their idea behind blogs.

And such illegal niches, we all must avoid them. And we do in my company that we do not service such websites at all.

Thanks for these great advices!

~ Adeel


You further added precious thoughts to what I shared. Thank you Adeel for being so full of wisdom in making the right choices in promoting content online.

Most bloggers have learnt it but since there is a flood of new comers, its important that we keep on refreshing these points to keep everyone informed.

Well done for choosing to stay safe and play safe :innocent:


I think turning down filthy reviews and offers has helped you make it so far. Your readers trust you and see you as an authority. Good that you’re being a role model.

In the long run, brand authenticity and honesty is what counts. Readers definitely are not fool. They are smart to realize what’s real and trustworthy.

Brands that hide behind fake claims and reviews are not going win in the long run. Recently a so called pro blogger from India who has been featured on several media outlets, published a story on his blog where he highlighted how one of his readers earned $16,433 from an affiliate partnership with him.

Minutes after the post was published, I was the first one to spot that the title contained a completely different name and the article contained a non-identical name.

I highlighted this on that blogger’s verified Google+ account and they changed the name within minutes without acknowledging my proactivity. Now that I know the truth, I know how fake stories are made up and posted online.

Thanks for sharing those links Mustafa sir. I’ll be going through them over the weekend. :slight_smile:



I guess who could be more aware of the reviews we write at our network then you . We have created different blogs for different purpose and we have kept mbt solely for publishing quality content. At SEM and remaining sites we make sure to review small publishers and sites which may not be a threat in terms of its content because product selling sites are often one that can harm you in long turn and they should never be highlighted on your popular sites.

Affiliate posts are no different than web hosting reviews where people are being convinced to join the network. Such reviews should surely be not shared with an audience which trusts you. Clever were you that you spotted it and informed him before hand. :smile:


Dear @Shivansh It is always ethical not to point someone directly because it will further add publicity to a wrong activity. I hope you understood. :innocent:


@Mohammad I see how smartly you’ve differentiated your all three blogs from each other. And they definitely are serving the purpose so well. The reviews which I have written and read, I definitely know that those companies/sites don’t appear scammy. They are all fine and neat.

I am so sorry @Shivansh but I won’t be able to talk about that. We all know who is lying and who is money minded.

I am still SHOCKED if someone is meant to be the central protagonist of your article or story how can they get the name wrong.

It’s their strategy we can’t help it. And lets not even discuss about it. I’m sorry that I brought this up.