Why Discourse Forum has very Low Bounce rate?


@Mohammad My question specially to you only, I’ve been using Discourse open source application for my company and I must say it has some nice rich features that no other forums have till now. One thing I’ve noticed in my Google Analytics that it has very low bounce rate, may I know the reason why such low bounce rate showing in GA?


A Low bounce rate means that users are finding your Discourse site useful and they are spending a lot of time in it exploring the great content in it! :innocent:

So it is a good news that you have such a low bounce rate which is recommended for sites to rank higher on SERPs. We have a bounce rate of 35% for this forum because users are spending a lot of time here and thus giving us more pageviews.

Bounce rate of a website = Total number of bounces across all the pages on the website / total number of entrances across all the pages on the website

A high bounce rate is what you must not have. A high BR means that users are finding your site less useful and therefore closing it after a single visit.

For Bounce rates a simple rule of thumb is:

Anything bounce rate below 50% means well done and anything above it means get serious!



Thanks for explaining about Bounce Rate and its rules, my company website bounce rate is around 5-10%. I hope its fine?


Do share your URL because I have never heard of a bounce rate less than 20%

Your company site must be exclusive or something might have been reported wrong at Analytics. Analytics and other Google tools like webmasters often have algorithm maintenance problems so this could have been one reason why BR is shown so less.


Here is my company url: linuxsay.com, please check and let me know is there anything I wrongly configured on GA?


I just view into the source code, and found you have placed the right analytics code :smile:

Good forum, with Good Users.


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan So nothing to worry, but as @Mohammad said he never seen a bounce rate less than 20% so I am just worrying about the same…


Things look fine on your forum. I guess once your users grow more in numbers, you will be able to make a better decision. Right now you don’t need to worry and focus on its on-page SEO only.



Thanks for your suggestion, but about SEO I have one question? how to create and submit sitemap for discourse forum?


@ravisaive, I suggest you to kindly ask your question about Discourse on its official forum which was created for helping Discourse customers.

Here’s the link of the forum:- :link: http://meta.discourse.org


@Mohammad sir … How to decrease bounce rate in less time … ?


Have good content. :slight_smile: That’s all.