Why did my blog experience sudden high traffic?


Hello Everyone Recently I saw a drastic change in my page views it increase from 150 to 1530!! Please I Need A Help Can You Help Me!! A image is given below-

Please I Need Help What Is Happening To My Blog??? How This Sudden Increment In Page Views Today??

I have Reported It To Google And Blogger.

I don’t Know If Someone Is Sending Fake Traffic To Me Also Tell Me Where Can I Report This Issue.

Hope Anyone Tells Me :smile:


What? I don’t know how it happened but today, I also got increased number of pageviews in my blog and as yours, I am also getting traffic from http://valegames.com.


Same Here I am also Getting Some traffic from http://valegames.com


Please Can You Tell Me How Much Your Page views Increased?


Now Many… 30-40%. I am not sure it is safe or not… :frowning:


Please Give Me Your Total Page views Today Stats I Want To Compare With Mine.

Mine Increased From 250 to 1533!! Page views

Also My Blog Is Getting Clicks From http://www.revisitors.com/admin/?VFJDSz0xMzg4


Hi @ngtechzone, wait for a few days and see if this is consistent or not.


Hello @Rohan Did You Feel Any Page Views Increasement?


@ngtechzone, No. Why is there anything wrong with all the blogs? For my blog, they seem to be consistent and normal.


Hello @Rohan I think so someone is sending spam visits to our blogs :cry:


@ngtechzone, A quick tip which can help you to avoid such situations is by stopping to post your blog URL everywhere you find opportunity. There might be some site where you dropped your blog URL intentionally or unintentionally as the case maybe.

How to stop this?

  1. Find the site you are getting unusual traffic from.
  2. Contact the administrator and request for the link removal.


Ok I Got A Reply From Expert In Google Forums-

Thanks for asking the question. This could be referer spam.

Please read the FAQ - and don’t click on any dodgy links in the Stats logs!

There are no actual links to your blog, from the websites referenced in referer spam - nor is your blog content being read, from anybody’s computer. Neither your blog’s page rank nor reputation is affected, one way or the other, by referer spam. Nobody but you knows about the non existent links to your blog.

Work on your blog, and get more real traffic.

[FAQ] What Are The Bogus, High Activity Links In My Stats Logs?

That said, Canadian readers are not known for referer spam, as are China, Russia, even USA. Oddly enough, it really is possible for people to read our blogs.

If you had a third party visitor log like SiteMeter or StatCounter, you could maybe cross check your Stats log.


I think Valegames or Revisitors has given those spam visits. You should check this article and I hope that this article helps you: http://xomisse.com/blog/prevent-referrer-spam-links/