Why Crawl Errors Show "Not Found Pages" in Webmaster Tools?


Recently i checked my webmaster tools, meanwhile i found under Crawl option, That some of my site pages are not found showing there.

1: I also marked as fixed few days ago, but they are showing again, Even the pages are still exist on my site like you see the, first link happy new page is still exist on my site, but here it show as not found why, Why it show 8 not found.

2: Besides it, i would like to ask, some of links, and text you see in the screenshots, are look liked different, they are not in URL or LInk format. like hastag/portfolio and long numbering etc.

Is this happening with all blogspot sites, I think crawl errors show sometime wrong pages as not found, because they are still existing on site.

So should i click marked as fixed every time when see there some pages for not found ?


You are right in saying that google often shows 404 crawl errors even for pages that already exist on your site and this is one reason why they have provided the “Mark as Fixed” option. Right now your errors are not too much and you can manually debug each one of them. Sometimes people who link to your site makes a typo mistake which sends the 404 response code error and sometimes the blog writer itself makes the https or http typo error or the www or non-www typo mistake. So there can be various reasons on why these “not found pages” errors are shown on your webmaster account. You must do the following to make sure you fix them

  1. Open each link and see which sites or pages are linking to it and then check the source of href parameter to see if the link is properly typed
  2. Fix the typo mistakes on your site and inform the other sites of the mistakes made by them in the backlinks
  3. The URLS with long numbers trail is often caused by the comments posted on your blog which were indexed before you deleted them.
  4. After you have made your best efforts in fixing the errors as much as you can, then simply Mark them as fixed. If they appeared again, you don’t need to worry a lot and leave them where they are because generally, 404s don’t harm your site’s performance in search, but it only effects your user experience.
  5. If you have deleted a post which you internal linked multiple times then the easiest way is to redirect that URL to your homepage or to a related post using the Redirection tool available in blogger search preferences.
  6. You must make sure you have setup a custom 404 Page on your blog to improve user experience.

These are the recommended tips to optimize crawl errors on your site. Do let me know if you also need help in soft 404s, Time Out, Unreachable and Restricted by robots.txt errors.


@Mohammad Thanks for being your kindly reply. I want to hear only the reason, that will this harm the site seo but you clear that. Now i can easily fix marked the errors in Webmaster tool.

Thanks bundles.


you are always welcomed! Let me know if I could be of more help buddy


wow Bro its really help me :smile: thanks :wink: