Why can't Google find my blog?


I used to have other blogs and I know that if I typed in exact lines and all, or even related topics, I’d be able to find my blog on Google, even the ones with no followers & not much traffic. Thing is, I made this new blog, a permanent one, but I can’t get it to show in Google at all unless I type it with the “.blogspot”. It’s kinda sad cuz I like sharing stuff and hearing what people have to say about it, but how am I supposed to do that if I can’t get any traffic? And I’ve already enabled search engine searches and all in the settings… It just kinda gets sadly frustrating sometimes ): Please help me, thank you (:


@Mirapalesii First of all, Please share your Blogger blog address here. Google will take a long time to index some website. To index your website fast, you need to submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Once you submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. It will take one or two weeks to show your blog results on Google Search Engine.


My blog is http://mirapalesii.blogspot.com . So basically, I have to set up everything on Webmaster? It seems quite confusing though. But then again, your forum is on Webmaster right? I’ll check it out right now, Thank you (:


@Mirapalesii Just go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit this URL address that point to your Blog Sitemap.XML: http://mirapalesii.blogspot.in/sitemap.xml to “Sitemap”.


My blog link is here urdupoetry-s.blogspot.com/ i already take this step… but yet i can’t get at least one link in google search… what should i do??


I guess I did something wrong somewhere?


your link of Sitemap is wrong… Submit the link carefully… might you will never see this error again… :smile:


@Mirapalesii Did you make any changes in your Blogger Blog Robot.TXT File. It may be happen because of that problem.