Why Blogger Meta description not showing on google search result?


Hi Blogger Help Forum. I have configured meta description on my blog. My blog page sources meta description are showing correctly, but on google search result my post’s meta description not showing. Google search result show on my blogger template key words and widgets descriptions, but why? I checked in some SEO checking tools, they are showing meta description. but don’t know why google not showing.

In fact, I asked this question about a month ago but not found any proper solutions to this forum. Please help me anyone.

My blog Url- www.prozokti.com



I Have checked your blog and posts. You are using Post Title as META description. Due to this, google reconstruct meta description as their own on the basis of query of user.

Try to create META description that describes your content. You can define meta description manually in Blogger Editor. If You want to know this, Search MBT.

@Shivansh Check Rashid’s Blog.


No bro, I have use a few of posts Post Title as META description. But I don’t understand why all post doesn’t show meta description.



Read this post first http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/04/why-description-meta-tags-not-showing.html.

Now, give answer of following questions.

Q1. Are you writing Search Description for each post or leave blank search description field available at right sight in blogger post editor ?


same is the problem with me seo website are showing properly bur google search is showing the old one when the blog was created. google cached it i think and it isnt changing even blog name is same old


My website is WWW.gyanbook.in . My website suffer from seo problem. I dont how can i fixed it. please help. Last month my earning was good but now my traffic goes half. And earning also. i want to fix my all problems and increasing my traffic and earnings. I think last month google update there penguine. Is the penguine reason is of my website traffic decreasing.


Site link: www(dot)competativestudy(dot).com Brother admin could you please check my site i don’t know what happened, on Jan 2018 I brought this domain for testing purposes and to learn the basics. I read all of your posts from MBT and started growing my confidence, few posts I had written on my blog and mainly I had exam pressure thats why I didn’t run/update my blog. Now I wished to write posts on my blog and wanted to grow it…but am having some problems and they are…

6 days ago I deleted my all 8 posts which I had written… But they were still on search engine. I know after removing links from search console it takes 90 days to remove completely. But question is I have added Addthis related posts widget in my blog and it shows recommend posts though I deleted all. Then I tried to resubmit my sitemap on search console but it doesn’t index my sitemap it shows error “301 redirect” error message then I put feed URL instead of /robots.txt than i was able to submit my sitemap.

I tried to remove all my site links from search console but don’t know how to remove. When I search my link on Google sometimes it shows my previous cache and posts. Don’t know how to remove that.

Even I deleted my blog and everything from search console and everything repeated from the initial stage though it was same.don’t know how to fit that issue

I put meta description on my blog but it was not showing when I type my site link on Google. Even I tried site:mysite.com and site:www.mysite.com but don’t know what happened. Previously even my sites title tag also was showing on Google when I typed my site link on Google.instead of that it shows my previous title of my blog. But now somehow iam able to fix that.

Lastly am very much frustrated and disappointed for being deleating all those 8 posts for which everything is happening.

These 4 months I spent hours on learning basics even I brought a .com domain and a premium domain. Even I prepared 37 posts but not able to post that all only because of that silly issue.

Will I be able to regain my site like as of before. Taking a very big hope from @Mohammad and others am typing all those long paragraph. You can’t understand how much frustrated I am. Please help sir. Whatever I learnt is from you and your blog, now am in big trouble only hope is you please help sir. Your reply is appreciated sir. Link: www(dot)competativestudy(dot)com