Why are All posts not appearing on my blog?


Hello friends

Its a big problem on my blog. Today only I played with my template and something went wrong. Now many of my posts are not appearing on my blog. Earlier the number of post I set manually from the blogger dashboard, to be appeared on the home page, appears accordingly. But now only 4 posts are appearing, even when I have set the number of posts to be displayed on the home page to be 20.

Bellow is a screenshot of my posts published.

There are 16 posts on my blog but only 14 are appearing and also not in the correct order.

Fortunately I had saved the template before editing it. Here are the changes in blogger template, before and after the error came.

My blog is Blogging Easier

Please Help Its urgent.


first clear your cache from your browser than try to search that topic


Wait, Correct me if I am wrong… The posts on the Home page are not appearing, right? Or the posts from your dashboard disappeared?


This happens when you use a Page-navigation widget. You need to keep the number of Posts displayed by the widget equal to the number of posts displayed on your homepage in blogger settings.

  1. Go To blogger > Settings > Posts and Comments
  2. Set “Show at most” to your prefered number of posts you want to show on homepage. Say you choose 7.
  3. Now inside your Pagenavigation set the variable count to 7. In most cases the variable is

var postperpage=7;

Also note that for correct number of posts to be displayed on all pages, you must add a jump-break i.e. <!--more--> on every single post else the widget will not function properly.


Sir, this is not the problem in my case. Bellow are my blog’s settings.

But still only 4 posts are appearing on the homepage. Also 2 posts are not appearing on the blog.

@Rohan I hope you also understood my problem now.


I also teried adding the default Indigo template to my blog. But it showed the same error.


I think the page navigation system is not working well. Can anyone provide me a new one and also tell me how to add that to my blog.


The problem is with your page navigation widget that I suggested. Did you try adding jumb breaks to all posts?

You can try any page navigation widget available online or try one that is at mbt.


Mohammad Bro! Why you removed that page navigation from your own blog?



<b:else/> <b:include name=‘mobile-main’/> </b:if>

Above is my blog’s Navigation widget script. @Mohammad can you please look at it and tell me if there is some error in the script due to which the error is comming on my blog.


I put a page break at the last of every post on my blog, but the error continues.


Have you been able to figure this out yet? I’m having the same exact problem, even after doing the changes suggested above :frowning: Spent hours on this, I really need help please :slight_smile:


Can you send me template file or you may upload


yesterday when i was adding a code to publish ad code in my blogger main html template code i made a mistake because of which my blogs posts are not appearing on my blog page template is visible only posts are not visible there is some error in code but when i checked blogger dashboard my posts are not deleted but they are not appearing on my bloggers homepage due to some error can anyone help me please.


Here is what I did.

Create a back up or dummy blog of your main blog.

Import posts from your main blog and select the same template to design the dummy blog.

DO NOT download the template of main blog to upload. Use the same template from Template section and customize it exactly as your main blog.

Do not add any special codes like Advertisement codes or right click disable etc. The dummy blog should look exactly as your main blog without special codes.

Now, download this template of dummy blog and upload it as a template for main blog. See, if your blog, posts and widgets are visible on public settings. Then use your special codes to design it your way.

May be it’s a tedious process but it worked for me.

Hope this method is helpful to you all. Good luck!


Blogspot’s maximum showing post is 10. If you want to show all post at one a time then you will not be able to show. Because blogspot is limited for 10 post at one page. If you think I’m wrong then you can create a new blog for testing and see how much post you can show at one page to layout section. my friend got only 10 post at one page which is maximum. you can see my friend blog suddenhelp.blogspot.com


Sir i am Also Having same issue i have my own web Chat4enjoy it open normely and working fine but only posts are not showing every where in the blog even i tried with exact url but not showing


Sir i am Also Having same issue i have my own web chat4enjoy it open normely and working fine but only posts are not showing every where in the blog even i tried with exact url but not showing