Why Adsense Disapproved me after approved


I got Adsense. But after some days Adsense disapproved my account after showing ads on my site. Now I applying for several times but Adsense doesn’t send me any message. Some days ago I got a message fron=m Adsense that you have Adsense account. But where is my account, ads code, and others? I have access to my Gmail account. Is there any way to get back my Adsense Account. My Site: http://mytechgoal.com


yes only one way to get back your Adsense Account, that way is your old adsense publisher id, submit for your old adsense publisher id with adsense publisher support team and get back your ADSENSE… try to this…


Hello h_sahadath,

Please can your copy paste what is written on the last mail that you got from google. I just want to know whether your site is banned or just the Adsense Account got removed.

If your site is banned, then you can never use ads on them. Better try to get a new domain.


@h_sahadath i just checked your website. Google adsense ads still showing in your website.


@yogeshpatel37 @Bhavani

Adsense is rejecting my application and says site doesn’t comply.

plz review my site asktoblogger.com

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I am using another Adsense. But my first Adsense disapproved.


Try to create new email for that account.


I am also facing the same problem I have a Blog [New Hindi movies] but 3rd time I have got message that your account has been disapproved.Why is it so?