Why Adsense ads show in blank?


Why adsense ads display in blank,someone have any solution upon this problem.I have try a lot of method but still can’t to solve this problem.

I sign up adsense thru my blog (under the same log in email).It made me curious is my adsense account without indicated hosted or non-hosted as below picture ​ As your experience,what type of my adsense belonging hosted or non-hosted?

I put the original ads code which provided adsense in my blog but it showing blank, ​however i change the code (which get from website tuturial) ​,it work properly,as below picture ​ but my adsense account page view & impression without any data updated!as below picture ​


I can give a little tips to your blog here are the tips mention below:

  1. Google ad sense remain active only 6(six) month.
  2. put your profile photo to your blog
  3. writing should be neat and clean
  4. free from error and grammatically mistake
  5. choice Template seo friendly