White space at bottom of blog, tried a bunch of codes


so… Every code I’ve came across and tried hasn’t seemed to work :frowning: just was wondering if someone could help me out! Kinda have been putting my blog on hold because of a couple of finishing touches I’ve been trying to get done! not sure if it’s because of the footer or not

www fuchsiagalaxies .com


Your blog only accept readers who were invited to it. Please open to the world :stuck_out_tongue:


Should be open now sorry! lol I haven’t checked back here for awhile now! Haven’t had the best of luck getting help from forums, people have been very rude and stuck up everywhere else! Thanks if you are able to help!


All right, could you tell me where the “white space” is? Because I saw a lot of them :slight_smile:


I think it’s the footer, but since then I got rid of it (so I think? The space isnt as bad anymore) I’m kinda just now trying to match the space above my header


Please learn how to use the inspector from Google Chrome. :slight_smile: And can you tell me for what purpose is the “navbar no-items section” class ??


oh, is that what’s causing the white space? And every now and then I utilize the inspector on google chrome. I can’t seem to match it up within the html editor on Blogger :frowning: I will look into the navbar though.