Which websites pay on strategy of pay per pageviews?


Guys i wanna ask you that which websites pay as per pageview/impression for publishing ads ? Also tell me how much daily visitors we need to earn a reasonable amount on these websites??? Also tell me the paying strategy of infolinks.com and clicksor.com? Whether it is necessary to have an online account to be paid for publishing ads ?


Hello @Anas_Mughal As We All Know That Adsense Is The King :crown:. It is best for you it generally gives you 3$ For 1000 Page Views But It’s Approval Is Quite Difficult.

You Need At Least 500-1000 Visitors daily to earn a resonable amount from adsense and other sites :smile:

The Paying strategy of infolinks and clicksor is CPM(cost Per Mille) And CPC(Cost Per Click)

Yes a valid account is required to threshold your payments and receive them. Hope You Understand Now And Good luck :smile:


Isn’t there any other website which pays on the basis of pageviews except adsense ?


You can try- Qadabra infolinks clicksor

revenuehits bidvertiser

These are sufficiant for you. These are pgeviews basis adsense alternatives. Hope you like them :slight_smile:


@Anas_Mughal भाई Adsense सबका बाप है, आप उसे ही उसे करो बढ़िया रहेगा॥ दूसरे Ads लगाओगे तो Page Load भी बढ़ेगा और users भी परेशान होंगे फालतू के Ads से ।