Which tools or online services do you use to design the featured Images for your blog posts?


Featured images of your posts play an important role to make your posts stand out on social media, blog communities and social bookmarking sites.

Which tools do you use to design your images? I use Canva. And I would love to know about any other easy, quick and efficient service.

But the images on Canva are of very high quality thus they have large file size. Please suggest some good tools to compress them.

Also, is it true that using images with smaller file size makes your blog load faster?

I look forward to read the replies. Thank you.


Rohan throughout my web designing career if there is any tool I found fully equipped with all Graphics editing options then it is only one I.e. Adobe Photoshop

I rarely need anything but photoshop to design vector images, PSD Templates, icons and as you mentioned the Images for Blogposts

People often use Corel draw and Adobe illustrator too but as far web designing and blog posting is concerned I don’t thing we can’t have a better option than photoshop


@Rohan I was using Sothink software for my main post images, but after seeing lot of functionality in Adobe Photoshop ( I then start using it.) my suggestion for you, If you wanna something rock with designing then focus on Adobe Photoshop .


Hi @Templatezy, Thanks for stopping by. I will try Adobe Photoshop and will let you know about my experience while working with it. :slight_smile:


Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for giving your inputs. I will surely try Adobe Photoshop as it sounds cool with the description you have provided. Never heard about Corel draw but yeah I have used Adobe illustrator before.

Thank you.


You are most welcomed buddy Corel draw is great too when you need to create vector designs but photoshop pen tool is so advanced now that the combination of illustrator and photoshop makes your life extremely easy

All those fancy designs that you see at themeforest are created with photoshop and rarely any other tool. We designed the social media icons set using it so its a combo of everything


Hi @Rohan,

I agree with @Mohammad sir,

Photoshop is a great tool I have ever seen :smile:


Thanks for stopping by Mahadev. I will remember you advice. :slight_smile:


I use Canva Shareasimage & Pablo by Bufferapp


@Rohan hai buddy Use photoshop it is the best tool for creating a Featured images for blog Posts


Canva is really a great service to use.

Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more. It’s online and free to use Simply search for the best graphics, photos, and fonts, or upload your own, then use Canva’s drag and drop tool to create a design.

I strongly recommend this tool. Hit Like if you too like Canva! :smile: Happy Blogging!


I use picmonky and Snagit for my blog post :sunglasses:


Snagit it is also a great tool. I use it to edit images and take high quality screen shots. @Rohan I also recommend this tool. The quality of screen shots taken using this tool is great and color contrast of the pic remains the same, however it don’t have much good editing tools but will really help you in editing, resizing your image and lots of more this. Again want to say that its screen shot service is really great. Check it out please.


Thank you @denharsh, @mskian, @NamanKumar and @RohitMewada for your suggestions. I will try all the services you guys are using and would stick with those which interests me the most. Thank you once again.

~ Rohan.